Brussels SEO Agency To Provide Free Rank-Increasing Schema To Businesses In May

Hand-crafted Schema is a formal way to let Google know about your business and improve both position and appearance in search results. Brussels premier SEO agency is offering the service free to 7 businesses during the month of May.

AsterionSEO Brussels are going to boost the rankings of 7 companies for free in May. The leading Brussels SEO company are currently offering hand-crafted Schema, at no charge, for 7 businesses.

Schema is a formal way to tell Google and other search engines about a website and what it contains. By making it crystal clear what it is the business offer it in turn makes it easier for Google to place the site correctly in its results. Schema is also used to power rich results such as photos for recipes and stars for reviews. Not many websites implement Schema and of those that do only a small portion do so with any detail, relying on plugins to generate the results.

One of the first actions Asterion SEO undertake with new customers is to optimise their website, including placing hand-crafted detailed Schema on every page. This is part of the foundation of good rankings and during May it will be provided free of charge to 7 lucky businesses.

Brian O’Connell the owner of Asterion SEO says that they decided on free Schema this month because of it’s power and rarity. “I have seen Schema make a big difference to a website, especially where Google shows rich data in a result. For instance review stars and logos make a business stand out. This is all possible through Schema and, because it is not so widely implemented, the contrast with regular listing is even larger.”

For Schema to have its full impact it needs to be tailored to the particular website and business. “Plugins are an easy way to get basic Schema on a site,” continued Brian. “Unfortunately they do not capture the full potential that is available and so their impact is limited. Since irrelevant Schema can be penalised for being misleading I feel that it is worth the time and effort to do it right.”

Businesses who are interested in getting free Schema crafted for them can register their interest at

Because of the time-consuming nature of the process only 7 slots are available and those chosen will be selected at random.

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