Bruce Mack to Launch Investment Book Aiming to Protect Assets and Wipe Out Taxes

Bruce Mack and Susan O'day to write a book that contains secrets to protecting Assets and nearly wiping out taxes. It is expected to be a hit amongst investors, professionals and business owners.

(Woodland Hills, CA, June 1,2020)Bruce Mack, Co-founder of the Platinum Trust Group, will soon release his second book The Kennedy Equation: Secrets to Protect Your Assets and Nearly Wipe Out Your Taxes. The book will be co-authored with Susan O’Day , owner of O’Day Tax and Accounting LLC. Their book will be available in Amazon and is expected to be a huge hit amongst investors, professionals and small business owners.

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This will be the second book Bruce has authored and the first for Susan. It was written to help business owners and professionals learn how to get bulletproof asset protection and superior tax mitigation benefits.

Small business owners fear the uncertainty of a lawsuit and its impact on their wealth. Oftentimes, they own LLCs which do not provide solid protection for their businesses and personal assets. They also find themselves caught in deep financial burden of having excessive monthly overhead and high tax liability.

For the past 20+ years, Bruce has been on a quest for the quintessential asset protection trust. Having studied families like the Kennedys, the Carnegies and the Rockefellers, he quickly learned the fantastic capabilities and the power that these types of trusts offered. In 2018, Bruce partnered with an elite team of attorneys to create Platinum Vault Trust, a copyrighted and proprietary bulletproof asset protection and tax mitigation trust.

“The Kennedy Equation: Secrets to Protect Your Assets and Nearly Wipe Out Your Taxes” sets its main focus on the Platinum Vault Trust and how, when used legally, it is impenetrable by creditors, agencies and governments and immune from transfer by operation of law.

Readers of the book will also learn how to significantly mitigate their annual tax liability by 78% to 95% by deferring their capital gains taxes and income taxes in perpetuity.

“The Kennedy Equation: Secrets to Protect Your Assets and Nearly Wipe Out Your Taxes” is being released by BEXSI Publishing.

About the author: Bruce Mack is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on financial services. Having been in the financial services industry for well over 25+ years, Bruce is a highly sought-after and well-known national and international speaker. He has shared the stage with Donald Trump, Al Gore, to name a few.

His extensive experience includes previously owning a licensed and bonded credit repair company. He was also a Regional Manager for merchant services in one of the nation’s largest banks. Bruce is also a Licensed Financial Advisor.

As an entrepreneur, Bruce has ventured into many successful businesses both inside and outside the financial world. For the last 25+ years, Bruce has been a real estate investor and has flipped and wholesaled properties across the country and he’s been involved with over $92M in real estate estate transactions. He also consults on real estate investing throughout the US.

Susan O’Day holds the distinction of Enrolled Agent with the IRS, and had pivotally been affiliated with companies such as Price Waterhouse. As a premiere tax expert, Susan has been preparing and reviewing tax returns and assisting clients with tax issues for over 25 years.

In 2019, she joined the Platinum Trust Group team to work with clients in the implementation and annual financial and tax reporting for the Platinum Vault Trust. One of her key roles is performing forensic lookbacks of clients’ prior tax returns with the goal of locating overpayments and assisting clients in amending those returns to get the refunds they are owed.

MS. O’Day holds a BS in Accounting, a BS in Business Administration/Finance, and is currently sitting for the CPA board exam.

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