Broyani Kids Is Giving Everyone $5 Off To Celebrate 50 5 Star Reviews On Amazon

Broyani Kids launches PinPals Developmental Bowling Game and acquires over 50 Five Star reviews within 30 days. Celebrates by offering a promo code to new customers. Further information can be found at and

Look out Major Toy Manufacturers, Online Toy Retailer “Wonderful Concepts LLC” (owner of the brand Broyani Kids), launched their first toy last month “PinPals” and it’s a hit. This Developmental and Educational Plush Bowling Game is geared for 1 to 4 year olds but according to reviewers even 6, 7 and 8 year olds are fans.

Here is a review from one of their happy 3 year old customers: PinPals’ happy customer.

This has “feel good story” written all over it. Within 30 days of launching their first product, Broyani Kids managed to acquire over 50 “5 Star” reviews which is an unheard of task when it comes to Amazon, especially as a brand new company.

Instead of raising prices to celebrate the success, Broyani Kids opted to run a special, giving new customers a chance to purchase a set for under $20. The event will take place between 7/27/2016 and 7/31/2016.

In a playing field where most competitors cut costs by providing lower quality materials and near zero customer service, Broyani Kids takes a different approach. Not only are the toys pumped full of features (Bells in the Pins heads, Crinkly Paper in the Bodies and a Rattle in the Ball) they are made of super soft high quality All New Material and vibrant colors. The bottom of the pins are slightly curved to strengthen Gross Motor Skills and have the adorable Broyani Kids logo embroidered on the bottom of each pin and ball.

Reviewers show their 1 year olds treating the pins like rattles, and toddlers trying to balance the pins treating the game like an actual bowling set. Older kids have been known to have a safe game of dodge ball with them (according to written Amazon reviews) too. It’s rare to find a toy that equally pleases such a wide age range, starting at just one year old.

After each purchase Broyani Kids provides amazing customer service by reaching out to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied.

Ryan Spence, owner of Wonderful Concepts and the Broyani Kids brand, says: “If a customer’s child isn’t satisfied with the product, we’ll refund them their money. It’s that simple. It took 8 months to make this the perfect toy for anyone that needed to buy a baby or toddler a gift, regardless of gender, and if it doesn’t deliver we feel you should get your money back.”

Lastly it should be noted that even though the sets are listed for under $25, they still manage to donate a portion of the profits to St. Jude.

To find out more about Pinpals and for the $5 off promo code visit: Hot Toy of 2016

For further information about the Broyani Kids brand, check them out at

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