Browns Bay Auckland Print Launched Spot UV Overgloss Process for Business Cards

A printing company in Aukland has added another process to an existing range of printing methods to print business cards and other stationery. The Spot UV Overgloss process was introduced to deliver another top of the range product for clients.

Laserfoil Design & Print, a leading printing company in Browns Bay, Auckland, has introduced spot UV printing to its wide range of products. Spot UV overgloss is an eye-catching way to emphasize logos, images or letters on Business Cards and Stationery.

While online marketing and advertising have seen an impressive growth recently, To attract new customers and a lead generation method business cards stays a favorite way of promoting a business and to give it a lasting connection with a prospect. The look and feel of the business card can make a lasting impression and also reflects the services to be expected from the company preferred to do business with.

Spot UV is a process that has grown in popularity for modern Business cards. Similar to embossing it gives a raised surface to the gloss which is especially effective in contrast with a matt background. It can also be used on a pattern on the card that does not necessarily follow the lines of the printed area.

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As the name implies, the process consist of applying a coating to chosen spots of a printed card. The coating is cured by exposure to UV light and drying is virtually immediate. A high build spot gives a raised surface giving a different texture to the artwork. Spot UV comes in gloss, matt and glitter options.

UV coatings can be formulated up to 100% solids which makes it possible for the coating to be applied in very thin films. UV curing is an environmentally friendly and clean technology. It minimizes or eliminates the VOC emissions commonly associated with other curing technologies.

UV curing is also significantly more energy efficient than most thermal drying processes because the curing takes place at low temperatures and in a matter of seconds instead of minutes or hours.

Laserfoil Design and Print offers a range of printing services from brochures to magazines, the complete design and printing of wedding stationery, and more. The company has an enviable reputation and has won many awards which can be attributed to its commitment to excellence in all it does.

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