Brownies Septic & Plumbing Announces Vactor And Line Jetting Services To Orlando Customers

Brownies Plumbing & Septic of Orlando offers Industrial Vactor Services including high pressure line jetting and pumping of Car Washes, Catch Basins, D.E. Tanks, Grease Traps, Holding Tanks, Laundromat Lint Traps, Lift stations & Wet Wells, Parking Lot, Sandpits, Sewer Drains, and Sewer Plants.

Orlando, United States – September 13th, 2014 /PressCable/

Brownies Septic & Plumbing an Orlando based company serving the area since 1948 is proud to announce the introduction of Vactor / Hydro Excavation to their line of services. The company has secured the equipment and their employees have completed the rigorous training so they are able to deliver this much needed service to the commercial and industrial sectors of Orlando. Many municipalities in the Orange County Florida area will benefit from having vactor services available as well.

Marc Barhonovich, General Manager of Brownies Septic & Plumbing, had this to say about the new Vactor services now being offered: “This service will be welcomed by industrial businesses, commercial businesses and municipalities facing routine storm water & drain pipe blockages and in light of the of the regulations that have come down from the Federal and State Governments regarding storm water and urban runoff, Brownies Plumbing & Septic is in compliance with all government regulations concerning this type of service.”

A local Chamber of Commerce member shared: “Brownies Septic & Plumbing vactor services may indeed receive a warm welcome from frustrated city managers and businesses alike as many were surprised to start receiving letters from storm water inspectors and face the possibility of large fines for non-compliance.”

“Unfortunately, many business owners are not aware of EPA Storm water regulations or where to go for help to meet the strict requirements.” The member said.

Launching it's vactor & line jetting services Brownies Septic & Plumbing will be in a position to offer assistance as a full-service storm drain maintenance company that can handle vactor services and will be capable of installing and maintaining a variety of storm drain applications.

Some of the expanded capabilities they now offer are:

? Vacuum Truck service

? Catch basin and curb inlet maintenance

? Clarifier, detention basin, and storm water vault maintenance

? Oil/water separator and grease interceptor maintenance

? SWPPP preparation and implementation

? Erosion control and construction dewatering

Experts on storm water regulations recommend businesses and property owners take the following steps for staying in compliance:

1. Full-maintenance service, not relying on pumping only

2. Storm drains need serving 3 times per year.

3. Documentation of all activity involving water runoff should be kept up to date.

4. Certified technicians should be utilized.

5. Hydrocarbon pouches should be replaced and properly disposed of.

It is clear that the vactor system being introduced to the Central Florida area is designed to address the most common issues faced by commercial, industrial and municipal customers, who routinely deal with storm water, urban runoff, clogged pipes or blockages in the hardest to reach places.

The service has many benefits and features:

? Debris removal from sensitive areas – power lines, phone lines, water, and sewer lines are sensitive controlled pressure via the vactor equipment allows removal of blockage and debris safely

? Faster Service For Busy Orlando Roadways – powerful hydro pressure allows jobs that block streets to be finished quickly

? It's Green Technology – The use of hydro power means less pollution and safer for the environment

Marc Barhonovich, General Manager of Brownies Septic & Plumbing, had this to say: “Being that there are thousands of miles of buried water, sewer, utility and power lines with large obstructions happening weekly, our vactor service, equipment, and trained technicians will be ready to answer the call.”

Those interested in learning more about the company as well as vactor services can do so on the company website at

Contact Info:
Name: Marc Barhonovich
Organization: Brownies Septic & Plumbing
Phone: 407-841-4321
Address: 11372 United Way Orlando, Fl 32824

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