Broomfield Piano Lessons School Launches Piano Playtime at Montessori Denver

DaVinci Center for Musical Arts,, partners with Montessori School of Denver,, to offer Piano Playtime to their preschool students.

Broomfield Music School, Davinci Center for Musical Arts, has announced its launch of the Piano Playtime program at the nationally recognized independent Montessori school, Montessori School of Denver

This exciting partnership encompasses DaVinci Center for Musical Arts offering their Piano Playtime program to Montessori School of Denver preschoolers. Now, in it’s 3rd year, the program combines both the primary benefits of the philosophy behind Maria Montessori’s original mission along with DaVinci Center’s unique applications of the Montessori method

Over a 100 years ago, Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) saw a great need to reform the educational system of her era. Not only have her ground-breaking concepts stood the test of time, but they have proven to be even more valuable than ever for the 21st century.

Maria devoted her life to creating schools that developed the full potential of each individual child. She believed that the right type of teaching methods could be a powerful force in nurturing more responsible and caring individuals. Great success was both possible and likely.through observation, individual choice, and a carefully prepared environment,

Likewise, Piano Playtime instructors has been serving children for over 30 years with the same mission statement. They bring expertise in educational psychology directly applied to music learning for optimal brain development. DaVinci Center’s music education applications are, to a great extent, based on the core learning principles of Maria Montessori. The added modalities of Shinichi Suzuki and Kodaly are also utilized to give students of all ages the most natural and effective tools for developing artful musicianship, creativity, and most importantly, exceptional human beings.

As part of a long-term strategy, both schools strive to help children reach their full potential by increasing neural development during their early years with proven, age appropriate, piano research. When asked about the continuing joint venture, Maria Hart from DaVinci Center said,

“I’m overjoyed to be working with Montessori School of Denver, because the Montessori philosophy and the Piano Playtime ideals are so similar and congruent. Working with children, parents, and teachers who all feel the same about the love of learning and discovering music through piano in a natural environment is so inspiring”.

But why are piano lessons, specifically, so important?

Many recent studies in neuroscience conclude that learning to play the piano during the formative preschool years is the most beneficial of any activity available. It is supremely unique because it builds intelligence, brain function, increased neuro-networking, concentration, coordination, confidence, and the integration of 86 specific brain functions that occur in the brain solely while learning to play the piano. Research shows that learning piano before the age of 7 literally grows physically larger brains.

A two-year study at Irvine tested preschoolers who took piano lessons for six months versus groups of preschoolers taking foreign language, computer, or violin classes. The piano group dramatically improved its spatial-temporal reasoning and proportional development – areas in which American high school graduates typically score extremely low on, when compared with students from other countries. The other study groups showed no improvement. “Thinking in motion” and “creating in motion” are just a few of the other benefits that integrate total brain function when learning music through DaVinci Center’s “Whole Music Approach”.

Returning and future students and parents are encouraged to learn more about Piano Playtime and how they will benefit by visiting

Davinci Center’s Piano Playtime has caught on with preschool programs throughout the Greater Denver and Broomfield area, as preschool directors have increasingly realized the overwhelming research that points to the benefits of piano lessons for toddlers and preschoolers on brain development, increased IQ, music appreciation, and lifelong learning . The Piano Playtime program currently also maintains partnerships in several locations: Advantage Learning Center in Lakewood: Gymboree in Denver, Schlessman YMCA Child Care Center in Denver: Primrose School of Bear Creek in Denver: Primrose School at Colorado Station: Primrose School of Lafayette, CO, and the Primrose School of Lowry in Denver.

About Montessori School of Denver and DaVinci Center for Musical Arts:

Montessori School of Denver, which was founded in 1964, educates toddlers thru 8th grade (ages 2-14) and was acknowledged as one of the top private elementary schools in 5280 Magazine’s “Denver’s Top Schools” edition . Montessori School of Denver is located at 1460 South Holly Street Denver, CO 80222. Their phone number is 303-756-9441

DaVinci Center for Musical Arts was founded in 2003 and serves Northern Colorado with piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, mandolin lessons, ukulele lessons and classes for children and adults in Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster, Northglenn, Commerce City, Aurora, and throughout the greater Denver area..It’s main school location is: DaVinci Center for Musical Arts, 555 Alter St Suite a, Broomfield, CO 80020. (720) 838-8685

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