Brooklyn NYC Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Regeneration Natural Treatment Launched

New York City-based beauty salon Manhattan Laser Spa (+1-212-334-2470) announces newly updated PRP Facials for local clients. The advanced procedure uses blood plasma to facilitate the growth of new tissue, and is suitable for the treatment of wrinkles, acne scars, and more.

The salon’s PRP facial treatments serve as a continuation of modern skincare programs, scientifically developed to regenerate younger-looking skin. The NYC Salon adds the updated plan to its existing range of laser beauty treatments.

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Its newly updated procedures focus on helping clients to restore aesthetically pleasing tone, color and texture to their skin. Manhattan Laser Spa emphasizes the quicker results that PRP can offer in contrast to other common surgical treatments.

Standing for Platelet Rich Plasma, the salon’s upgraded PRP treatments utilize the healing factors found in components of blood plasma samples. The therapy works to boost the body’s natural healing process, facilitating the production of tissue in the face. Manhattan Laser Spa describes the non-surgical procedure as an effective anti-aging solution.

The procedure aims to improve the skin’s texture while reducing wrinkles around the eye area. It can also help to cover existing acne scars or stretch marks. Many patients report a feeling of boosted self-esteem and confidence from cosmetic skincare treatments, improving their quality of life.

Manhattan Laser Spa also points to its PRP procedure as a safer alternative to more invasive cosmetic treatments. The service is designed to allow clients to resume their normal activities as soon as 24 hours after treatment. In addition, the natural skincare option typically results in minimal swelling without the added risks of allergic reactions.

The salon’s official website advises clients that their lifestyle and skincare routines may contribute to the longevity of the procedure’s effects. As such, they recommend that clients avoid smoking or extended periods of sunbathing without protection. However, beauty products with high SPF levels can help to maintain optimal results, and should be added to regular skincare routines.

A salon spokesperson further discusses the benefits of the updated treatment, saying: “Your face will look more youthful, and volume will be restored to the areas of your face that need it. The results of the platelet-rich plasma treatment will start to be visible within three weeks, and the improvements may continue for as long as three months.”

Interested parties in Brooklyn or Manhattan are invited to visit to learn more about Manhattan Laser Spa and its affordable PRP skin treatments.

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