Brooklyn Microneedling PRP Facial For Wrinkle Reduction 2022 Skin Therapy Update

Manhattan Laser Spa (646-846-7659) has updated its anti-wrinkle therapies and offers Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) facials with microneedling as an anti-aging skincare treatment. This combination of therapies naturally stimulates the face to produce collagen, rejuvenating skin tone and vitality.

The updated PRP facial and microneedling treatment combination uses plasma and platelets extracted from a small volume of the patient’s own blood. Also known as a Vampire facial, the treatment stimulates skin cells to generate younger, healthy tissue.

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The updated skin regeneration treatment is offered with microneedling to improve its efficacy. PRP facials are a preferred alternative to surgical procedures in individuals whose skin is starting to show signs of aging. As the procedure involves the application of a topical cream, it’s much less painful and intrusive than cosmetic surgery.

Scientific advancements have allowed dermatologists to develop procedures that can eradicate and minimize the signs of aging on a person’s face. These procedures have become increasingly popular with American women, with the most well-known procedure being Botox injections. A paper in a peer-reviewed journal reports that PRP has gained popularity as a facial skin rejuvenation treatment based on its role in wound healing.

Manhattan Laser Spa gives the people of New York access to the most modern and scientifically advanced PRP facials with collagen induction. The ability to extract plasma and platelets from a blood sample by spinning it in a centrifuge means that nascent stem cells can be stimulated. These cells are a key component of the skin rejuvenation process.

PRP treatments can remedy many of the most common age-related skin problems by improving overall skin texture, skin volume, minimizing wrinkles, eliminating acne scars, and filling out the under-eye area. There are also several inherent benefits associated with the use of PRP treatment. It is completely natural and can be performed without any downtime. Most patients will return to work the following day.

PRP facials at Manhattan Laser Spa do not cause allergic reactions, and patients can enjoy the benefits of youthful skin with little to no swelling or bruising.

Manhattan Laser Spa is a medical spa serving clients across New York City. The company employs highly qualified and experienced cosmetic professionals to carry out the latest procedures.

According to a spokesperson for the PRP facial center in Brooklyn, “PRP facials offer patients several benefits, from firmer skin to a brightened complexion. This treatment is safe and 100% natural, and it doesn’t have the risks associated with more invasive cosmetic procedures. Our clients are always delighted with the results.”

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