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Nursing homes are entrusted to the elderly, many whose children either no longer are alive, or who simply cannot physically or mentally provide the care that they require. However, while nursing homes are a big business, nevertheless abuses and neglect can and do happen.

Sometimes it’s not manageable for individuals to care for their parents and their own children while continuing to maintain their current lifestyle. Nursing homes are a great way to give loved ones the attention and care that they deserve. Services are in place to provide adequate care for elders in these homes. However, nursing home abuse or neglect can present itself through a variety of ways, including physical abuse, bedsores or pressure ulcers, broken bones from falls, medication errors, medical malpractice, malnutrition and dehydration, infections and sexual assault.

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A spokesperson for The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny shared the following:

“The Nursing Home Reform Act look out for the safety of each elder placed into the care of a nursing home. It is meant to ensure the well-being of each individual in a nursing home’s car by enforcing certain guidelines that must be followed. This act makes sure that nursing homes follow a set of procedures to support those who are living in nursing homes. There are required services in this act that nursing homes must provide to their clients. This includes periodic assessments for each client and a care plan for each member. It also requires nursing, dietary, social, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation services. All of these guidelines protect the rights of your family members that may be living in one of these homes.

“If you suspect that neglect or abuse has taken place in a nursing home, you can pursue legal action against the home. Although nursing home residents have certain rights that cannot be taken away from them, they can be taken advantage of by immoral nursing home workers or negligent staff.”

What rights do nursing home clients have?

“When individuals first enter into a nursing home, they should be given a detailed explanation of what to expect upon their residency. Residents in a nursing home should be informed of their rights before habitation. They should be informed of all services and fees in writing before entering into the home. Residents have a right to their own privacy, which includes keeping personal belongings. When being medicated, they should be informed of their condition and any medications they are being prescribed. They should be informed in order to decide if they want to decline any treatment, which they have the right to do.”

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