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Many construction workers injured on the job are encouraged to file for workers compensation, however many of them would be better served by filing a personal injury lawsuit which can cover more things.

Construction workers have been building the famous New York City skyline since the 1800s. Generally, it’s not difficult to find some type of construction occurring on any particular street corner around the city. These jobs in construction often include a variety of dangerous conditions, and individuals in this profession regular handle risky tools and put themselves into possibly hazardous situations. It is important to contact a personal injury attorney if one has been injured on the job in a construction accident.

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Individuals who have been injured may wish to file a workers compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit, and there are distinct differences. The main difference is that in a workers compensation case, the person filing is not entitled to benefits for pain and suffering, however any personal injury lawsuit they are entitled to recover all damages if an award is made. Moreover, a construction worker cannot take legal action against their employer if they do receive workers compensation, although they may be able to do so against a third party such as an equipment supplier. Construction workers wanting to receive workers compensation are required to give their employer notice within 30 days of when the accident occurred, and then file a worker’s compensation claim within two years from the date of the accident.

Some common accidents that happened on construction sites include injuries from heavy equipment, slipping, tripping, and falling, injuries from repetitive actions and emotions, exposure to harmful chemicals, and more.

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