Brookhaven GA Family Law Divorce Child Custody Support Legal Services Launched

The Law Offices of Precious Felder has launched comprehensive family law services in Brookhaven, GA. They handle divorce, child custody, restraining orders, legitimation, fathers' rights and more.

The Law Offices of Precious Felder, have launched family law services for the residents of Brookhaven, Georgia. These include child custody disputes, divorce, child support, restraining orders, legitimation, fathers’ rights and more.

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Precious Felder, the founder of the firm launched these services after receiving numerous calls from current and new clients that were struggling with these issues due to the increased pressure of the economic and social lockdowns in the state of Georgia.

The issues of divorce rates, child custody disputes, child support, and restraining orders have increased dramatically due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, with the coming economic devastation in the aftermath of the virus many more families will need family law representation. Anyone experiencing difficulties in this area should seek out legal services from The Law Offices of Precious Felder immediately.

The experienced family law attorneys with The Law Offices of Precious Felder are now available for all residents of Brookhaven. Anyone needing to file for divorce or experiencing distress over child custody, child support, or a violent spouse now have professional representation.

The need for restraining orders in Brookhaven can also be met by this law firm. The impact of the coronavirus and the governments mandates have caused a spike in family violence and a restraining order can provide protection and relief for endangered families.

Also, the paternity lawyers at Precious Warner understand the legitimation process and how important it can be. They believe in the importance of fatherhood and support the role both parents should play in children’s lives. During this trying time, they can provide efficient and strategic assistance to families through this emotional time by helping mothers and fathers in Brookhaven clearly define and establish their legal rights.

As professional family law services are launched in Brookhaven by Precious Felder’s Law Firm, they invite anyone with family issues to contact them for a complimentary confidential consultation today.

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