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If one is injured from working in construction, they should get in contact with a personal injury attorney right away to explore their best options

Among the most dangerous legal professions in New York City is working in construction. There are a variety of ways for a construction worker to be injured in the workplace, especially when working on big and tall structures. Heavy equipment and machinery are being operated all the time, and one slight mismanagement of these equipment can lead to a bad accident. When this happens, a worker should know their rights as a victim and what compensation they are entitled to. If someone or their loved one has suffered an accident from heavy equipment in the construction workplace, they should seek help from an accident injury as soon as they can.

When getting a legal consultation from Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, a client is not required to pay any fees upfront. The firm understands the difficulty a victim goes through when they suffer from an accident and that no additional burden should be put on them. They are only charged if a settlement has been granted and won to cover their expenses. Ask4SAM has situated themselves strategically throughout the cities Visit for a free consultation or call 1-877-ASK4SAM.

Getting injured from handling heavy equipment can turn into a very complicated case. There are many factors that are investigated when building a case for an injured client. One of the most important of these is determining cause and liability. A worker who has been in an accident while on the job, they are most likely entitled to workers’ compensation. This will cover basic medical expenses and care if an accident leaves a victim to be permanently disabled. However, there are plenty of additional expenses that go into an accident. Apart from medical expenses, there are lost wages, physical therapy, out-of-pocket expenses, aftercare, punitive damages, and more.

The personal injury attorneys from Ask4SAM have years of experience handling construction accident cases and know the steps necessary to win settlements for their clients. When a worker is not properly compensated for their expenses or they think they deserve more, an attorney will provide them with all their possible options. In most cases, a personal injury case is what they need to get back their expenses. This will extend their boundaries and allow them to determine which of the costs need reimbursement. The difference between a workers’ compensation and a personal injury claim can be huge in terms of settlement, which is why an accident attorney will litigate each facet of a case to win a suitable claim.

The skyline of each borough in New York has taken a lot of time and effort to build. Every building required a certain amount of skill and effort by thousands of workers, and every one of these workers deserve to be treated with fair justice whenever they are compromised at work. Statutes and guidelines are always being enforced because contractors and site owners know how dangerous a construction workplace can be. Although, when a worker is injured, the responsibility is sometimes not properly acknowledged.

This is the importance of having a construction accident attorney. They are able to identify the parties responsible, even if it requires bringing the case to trial. The attorneys work with a team of experts who validate facts and ensure the clients are properly taken care of, legally and medically. A worker could suffer permanent disability, loss of limbs, or even be killed in the accident. A personal injury lawsuit that is won will guarantee the victim of a construction accident and their families to get their needs taken care of.

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