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Persons living in Bronx, Brooklyn and Long Island NYC who have been injured while riding a Lyft or Uber or other Rideshare vehicles should know what their rights are, and the law office of Richard M. Kenny is dedicated to helping them protect their rights.

According to a study published in October of last year by the MIT technology review Uber and Lyft are behind a sharp rise in US traffic deaths, with the ride-sharing services boosting the total number of traffic deaths by an estimated 2 to 3% in the United States since 2011, which is the equivalent of an extra 1100 fatalities per year, according to a study put out by a joint effort of the University of Chicago and Rice University.

Persons injured in an automobile accident, particularly one involving a Rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, need to know what their rights are and the single fastest way to do that is to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer who specializes in this area of law. The law office of Richard M. Kenny is offering a complimentary consultation to any New Yorker who is found themselves injured in one of these accidents. The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny can be reached at or by calling 212-421-0300.

The Rideshare companies have become essentially ubiquitous and are as commonly seen on the streets of New York City as the once ubiquitous yellow taxi cabs, which as of 2018 service fewer clients on a regular basis than do the Rideshare companies, with Uber alone surpassing the Yellow Cab Company. Many positive effects have Arisen due to this new influx of relatively capable drivers, including a simpler, faster, and arguably safer option for people who need a ride home for various reasons, including those who might otherwise be tempted to drive home inebriated.

Unfortunately, there are not strenuous or rigorous tests that are required to be taken by those who wish to drive for one of these Rideshare companies such as Uber or Lyft here in the New York City area. That being the case, these drivers often have significantly last experience in major traffic centers than do traditional taxi cab drivers and other drivers who drive for commercial purposes. These accidents can be motor vehicle collisions with other motor vehicles, or they can be an Uber or Lyft vehicle striking a pedestrian.

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