Broker Revamps Real Estate Commissions with a Cost-Saving Approach

Buyers and sellers can save thousands of dollars on real estate commissions by enrolling in an innovative VIP MLS listing program with Client Side Realty.

Dallas, TX – Today’s real estate market features ever-increasing property prices, yet homes are still selling at a rapid pace, with many selling within the first 24 hours. It is clear that now is the ideal time for buyers and sellers to reduce their costs by saving on the commissions that go along with each real estate transaction. To smooth out the process, Client Side Realty has revamped the commissions process to offer innovative opportunities for both buyers and sellers to complete MLS (multiple listing service) transactions in a more lucrative way.

Moving often results in a financially stressful time for buyers as they are faced with several new expenses all at once, including hiring movers and prepping a home for sale. The real estate rebate program from Client Side Realty creates exciting opportunities for buyers to make investments in an effective, money-saving manner.

As a buyer, the opportunity for a rebate can be incredibly beneficial, as the funds can go toward the down payment or closing costs. Additionally, a noteworthy advantage for buyers is that these commission rebates are not taxable.

Sellers can also profit from Client Side Realty’s services by pursuing a flat fee MLS listing, which is one of the many useful tools provided by this discount real estate broker. Client Side Realty’s VIP MLS program works with both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent, giving the home seller the rare opportunity to only pay for the listing portion of the commission.

In real estate, it’s typical to see a six percent commission rate for all home sales. But with Client Side Realty, the seller only pays a listing portion of three percent, ultimately resulting in thousands of dollars in savings. Beyond savings on sales commissions, the firm also offers savings opportunities to sellers for simply listing a home. By only paying a flat fee at the time of the initial listing, the seller saves a sizable amount of money during this critical financial time.

By working with a cash back realtor, both buyers and sellers have the opportunity to break away from the traditional real estate model and garner financial benefits. Through their innovative MLS listing program, Client Side Realty is not only shaking up the real estate industry but also securing real estate savings for their clients at the same time.

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