Broken Arrow Commercial Roofers, Roof Replacement and Repair in 2016 Study

The focus for roofing contractors is on commercial roof repair and replacement as the majority of their revenue is coming from these sources. Residential roofing was included in this study, but only by thirteen percent of respondents.

The purpose of this study was to take an exclusive look at the commercial side of roofing, including flat roof repair in Broken Arrow and surrounding area. The focus was on commercial roofers but thirteen percent of respondents did have some involvement with the residential roofing market. By far, most of the respondents said that their companies generated the bulk of their revenue through commercial roof replacement (fifty percent), followed by new roofs (twenty one percent) and commercial roof repair (seventeen percent). Allotting work in this way has been working to their advantage from a bottom line perspective.

Not long ago, the biggest crisis facing the roofing industry was not enough business. While that still may still be true for some, business is getting better for most commercial roofers, including those in Broken Arrow. And, according to a 2016 Commercial Roofing Trends study, the outlook going forward is positive. Sales are increasing, allowing roofing contractors to start looking at new tools to increase business or run more proficiently. However, as the rule of economics goes, if there’s an increase in demand but the supply isn’t there, then costs go up. Such is the case with labor. But this isn’t 2009 when there was so much uncertainty in the landscape.

Although eleven percent of respondents expected sales volumes to decrease in 2016 compared to 2015, twenty percent expect sales to remain the same. Fifty-five percent expected a slight increase in sales volume, while thirteen percent expected sales to greatly increase when compared to the previous year. Expectations in the commercial roofing industry are optimistic for 2017 and beyond. The percentage of respondents that expected to see a decrease in 2017 sales is only four percent and the number of those who expect sales to stay the same jumps to twenty eight percent. The people that responded who expect to see increases, both slight and great, remain relatively unchanged at fifty seven percent and twelve percent respectively. Their outlook on the next three years is even more positive. Although five percent still expect to see a decline, fourteen percent expect sales to remain steady and fifty nine percent expect to see an increase. However, a whopping twenty two percent are expecting to see a great upsurge in the next three-year stretch.

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