British TV Presenter Holly Willoughby’s

Truly Experiences is a world-renowned shop for experience gifting, with experiences in over 27 countries. To be clear, Truly Experiences is a completely separate company from British TV presenter Holly Willoughby’s former company,

British TV presenter Holly Willoughby has announced that she will be stepping aside from her highly anticipated Truly Lifestyle Brand. Given some of the questions received surrounding her departure, the online company, Truly Experiences Ltd (, would just like to make it clear that they are a different company with no links to or Holly Willoughby.

Releasing a statement on Instagram on 25 Sep 2018, the British TV presenter announced that she would be unable to focus on her busy career and family as well as

Much like Willoughby’s millions of fans, CEO and founder of Truly Experiences, Jack Huang sympathises with the mum-of-three. “I personally know how difficult it can be juggling work with a little one. We even have two of Holly’s books at home. No one can totally understand the amount of time and dedication it takes to launch a brand until they’ve actually done it.”

Trading for over six years, Truly Experiences has been curating and creating bespoke, dreams-come-true experiences for customers in 27 countries around the world. Their mission is to help their customers create memories that last a lifetime – based on the belief that true happiness comes from collecting memories, not stuff.

From recreating an entire episode of Top Gear for a few speed enthusiasts, to helping someone see the real-life Titanic in a submersive submarine, Truly Experiences has done it all. Over the years, they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people create amazing memories, including quite a few (successful) wedding proposals in the most romantic, exotic settings.

The brand’s focus is on unique experiences that add an element of unforgettable excitement to people’s lives. “Anyone can buy a plane ticket to an exotic, far-off location,” argues Jack. ‘But not everyone can say they’ve walked with a qualified volcanologist to one of the most volatile volcanoes in the world.”

As Truly Experiences continues to grow their list of memory-making stories, they would like to wish Holly Willoughby continued future success. The experiential gifts company understands more than anyone that spending quality time with loved ones is what life’s all about.

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