British Designers Casual Satin Jumpsuit Tribute to Women’s Boiler Suit Fashion

Emma Wallace's designer jumpsuits are versatile. Her collection ranges from dressy jumpsuits for weddings, casual jumpsuits for home wear, to formal jumpsuits for special occasions. From satin to sequin, Emma Wallace combines great style with a good level of practicality and comfort.

Emma Wallace has taken the utility jumpsuit, a very versatile piece of clothing from the early 20th Century and turned it into a stand-out piece that is different from other casual designer jumpsuits. Using her unique style interpretation, the Donna Jumpsuit, her satin boiler suit embodies the practicality of the original jumpsuit design but with a twist that only Emma Wallace could impart. The amazing designer jumpsuit creation has been an enduring fashion piece that has truly stood the test of time. Constantly being reinvented for new generations, the once humble and practical jumpsuit has taken on a life of its own to become one of women fashions favourite pieces. View Emma Wallace’s casual designer jumpsuits on her website:

Emma Wallace recognizes the simple appeal of the jumpsuit and has used her intuitive design flair to create a range of jumpsuits that are touched with her signature look and feel. Wanting to emphasize that there is a big difference between a jumpsuit and a boiler suit, Emma chose to focus on using more sumptuous materials combined with the traditional practicality and comfort that the basic jumpsuit design offers. For example, the Satin boiler suit from her range is a casual jumpsuit with a loose-fit that is drawn in at the waist, wrist and ankle cuffs with drawstrings. Emma included an eye-catching and stylish open eyelet design on the back of the jumpsuit design. The antique satin luxe material used gives a more delicate and feminine feel to the design that could be the perfect casual outfit for any modern woman. For more information visit:

Traditionally, a jumpsuit is a one-piece garment that cover’s up the arms and legs. Dating back to 1919, it was first created to be a practical and functional garment to wear while jumping out of planes with a parachute. Back then they used more rugged and robust materials that were not known for their softness or comfort. The practical jumpsuit design was quickly adapted to become a boiler suit – a looser fitting jumpsuit that was worn by men that stoked coal-fired boiler engines, hence the name ‘boiler suit’ being coined. Female munitions workers adopted the boiler suit during WWII, where the design was altered to be more accommodating for women’s figures. The boiler suits more closely resembled the original jumpsuit design with a more form-fitting cut and bloomer-style legs. It was because of it’s more slimmer cut that the jumpsuit was the first practical workwear garment to break into the fashion world and gain a loyal following.

British born designer Emma Wallace is pleased to be re-invigorating the iconic jumpsuit design with her own unique style twist to bring it bang up to date as a ‘must-have’ piece in every discerning modern woman’s wardrobe. Emma’s unique casual jumpsuit designs perfectly embody her passion for period drama dating from the 1920s and 1970s. She uses sumptuous fabrics that deliver a perfect blend of vintage elements combined with modern style and class. To learn more about Emma Wallace’s casual designer jumpsuits see the SS20 collection on her website:

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