Bristol PA Concrete Contractor Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Services Launched

Concepts in Concrete, a Bristol, PA concrete polishing contractor has launched garage floor epoxy installation services. The company uses industrial-grade epoxy to maximize the durability of residential garage floors and prevent hot-tire pull-off.

Concepts in Concrete, a Bristol, PA concrete contractor announced the launch of garage floor epoxy services in Bristol and Greater Philadelphia. The company specializes in the installation of residential and commercial epoxy coatings for single-car and multi-car garages.

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The concrete flooring company in Bristol, PA has introduced professional epoxy garage floor installation services to meet the growing demand for durable, easy-to-clean, and chemical-resistant floor surfaces.

Installation teams at Concepts in Concrete leverage more than 18 years of operational experience in concrete and epoxy installations to create custom safe, hygienic, versatile, and cost-effective solutions. Epoxy garage floor projects begin with a survey of the job site, identifying customer preferences, sub-floor preparation, and finally, the installation.

Concepts in Concrete prepares concrete by diamond grinding and acid etching to improve durability and remove contaminants. The company uses industry-grade epoxy resins with 100 percent solids content to prevent volume and surface losses. These processes prevent the phenomenon of hot-tire pull-off—where high temperature, adhesion, and friction cause patches of epoxy to peel off onto tires.

The Philadelphia epoxy garage flooring installers avoid DIY liquid water-based epoxy kits that have relatively lower heat tolerance. Epoxy garage floors by Concepts in Concrete are guaranteed against hot-tire pull-offs for 5 to 10 years and is also used for high-traffic commercial solutions.

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According to a spokesperson for Concepts in Concrete, “Epoxy flooring is fast becoming the garage floor solution of choice for its durability, cleanliness, and relative affordability. Water-based DIY epoxy has no place in a garage with vehicular traffic.”

Concepts in Concrete is a specialized concrete design and installation company based in Bristol, PA. The company offers concrete repair, polishing, self-leveling concrete structures, epoxy flooring, and other construction solutions. Concepts in Concrete serves Bucks County, Montgomery County, Greater Philadelphia, South Jersey, Central New Jersey, and the Jersey shore regions.

For more information about epoxy garage floors in Bucks County, PA, call 215-869-8911 or visit the URL above.

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