Bristol Chiropractor Clinic Says Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Chimpanzee Back

One of the leading chiropractor clinics in Bristol, The House Clinics, who are established in Redland, Filton and Bristol City Centre, say that chiropractic treatment can help those with a chimpanzee back.

The owner of a chiropractic clinic based in Filton, Redland and Bristol City Centre, says that “chiropractic treatment is an effective method to help alleviate the problems of someone who might be deemed to have a chimpanzee back”.

A recent study, which focused mainly on orangutans, chimpanzees and ancient human skeletons, investigated how the shape of the spinal bones could affect the overall health of the spine. They concluded that those people who have a spine which is similar in shape to that of a chimpanzee, are more likely to suffer from lower back pain and slipped discs. Because of this vertebrae shape, it means that some backs are not built to be the most efficient for upright walking.

“For many of us, a modern lifestyle is more sedentary and sitting for extended periods of time at a desk is one of the major causes of back problems,” says Jon. “This is why it is so important to ensure that a conscious effort is made to maintain good posture and take regular exercise. One way of doing this is to set an alarm as a reminder to take a break and walk away from the desk for a couple of minutes.”

Chiropractic treatment is extremely effective in helping people overcome debilitating back pain. The House Clinics offer a consultation whereby a physical examination is carried out and a full medical history of the patient is taken, including any medical conditions. Jon says, “our highly trained chiropractors can quickly determine the source of the problem in many cases”.

Using spinal manipulation and other techniques, the chiropractor will then treat the problem over the course of several weeks. Typically 6 to 8 sessions are recommended. Relevant exercises will also be suggested to help strengthen and rehabilitate the affected area.

The primary aim of a chiropractor is to manipulate the spine to ensure correct alignment and restore mobility to the joints which become restricted when a problem arises. It’s a highly effective treatment for the alleviation of pain in the joints, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues and will be able to help those suffering from a chimpanzee back.

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