Brisbane Funeral Flowers Coffin Viewing And Full Cremation Service Launched

Brisbane based funeral service, Premier Funerals, announce launch of new Diamond Package service, which offers clients various essential services to help ease the funeral planning process.

Queensland based funeral home, Premier Funerals, has announced the launch of their new Diamond Package service. Offering customers a wide selection of funeral services, the new package ensures services that handle their loved ones with respect, care, and dignity.

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The announcement of the newly launched service is directed to customers in the Brisbane, Queensland area. The new Diamond Package service provides customers with flowers, a viewing of their loved one, and a full cremation service. The package also includes a standard Ashmore oak coffin for the departed.

The Diamond Package service also provides customers with a hearse for the service as well as viewing times at the customers preference to ensure their final visits are as easy and stress free as possible. The Diamond Package also includes necessary legal documents, which include a death certificate and a cremation permit.

Planning a funeral can be an incredibly stressful time for a family in mourning, and Premier Funerals offers their customers peace of mind and the support needed during the planning process. The new Diamond Package offers clients an easy and respectful way to say goodbye to their loved ones while still providing high-quality care.

The Diamond Package also offers extra services for additional fees, such as catering, newspaper notice, and additional flowers. Premier Funerals also offers additional viewings and DVD tributes as part of the Diamond Package’s additional services.

With the latest announcement, Premier Funerals continues to provide their customers in the Brisbane, Queensland area with top-quality services and care. The new Diamond Package provides customers with the essential services needed to care for their recently departed loved ones at an affordable price.

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