Brighton Apple Tree Nursery School & Childcare Center New Website Launched

Apple Tree Schools, a leading provider of childcare and education services to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, announced the release of a new website. The school programs are designed to help each child reach his or her full potential in all areas of life.

The Apple Tree Nursery Schools announced the release of their new website that features information about their educational centers, the program, admission requirements, news, and events. The site allows prospective parents to find online more information about the school curriculum and activities. The Apple Tree Schools offer free and subsidized child care to babies, toddlers, preschoolers.

The Apple Tree Nursery School website is an easy and reliable source for finding valuable information about the Montessori program at the school and the school calendar. It is available at

The Apple Tree Nursery School team is on a mission to help children achieve their goals faster by providing authentic education rooted in tradition and grown in excellence.

The school specializes in offering premium child care services to young children: it encourages life-long learning through a challenging, well-rounded individualized education based on the Montessori philosophy. The school observes a high teacher to child ration and offers optimal nursery school classes with 20-30 children per class.

The school is dedicated to creating confident, self-reliant and self-motivated children. The toddler program allows the young students to enhance their language, social skills and develop cognitive learning. The preschool students engage in hands-on learning and explore the world with all their senses as they build a strong foundation for success in life.

The staff are highly motivated to help children become confident and enthusiastic about the learning process: they help prepare students for their middle school years and beyond.

Kate Childs, founder of Apple Tree Nursery Schools shared, “We believe that all children should have the same opportunity to become the best version of themselves, and not limited by their early years learning experiences. We are determined to provide the best early years experiences for all the children in our care and we invite you to join us.”

The school offers students a comprehensive education tailored to their individual needs and presented in accordance with Montessori principles. The teachers make sure that children develop skills essential for their future lives and learning.

The Apple Tree Nursery School welcomes students at three different locations: Ovingdean, Ainsworth Avenue; Saltdean, The Oval Park, and Rottingdean, Park Road.

Interested parties can explore the Apple Tree Nursery Schools’ new website and learn about the method behind their approach to education at

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