Brick & Mortar business owners rebuild online after the pandemic

Cornelius Butler Author of How To Sell In The 21st Century is hosting A Free Online Brick & Mortar Summit for Business Owners, to help rebuild their business online after the Pandemic!

Cornelius Butler Author of How To Sell In The 21st Century will be holding a free online webinar for brick & mortar business owners who may be struggling to get customers back through the doors. Need ideas and strategies to rebuild the business after the pandemic?

Discover how small business owners are using simple online sales funnels instead of websites to build an online web presence to get customers back through the doors who want to purchase products or services weather it is -on-or- offline.

This webinar will reveal a step-by-step formula for building a massively impressive brick and mortar funnel, to create an online presence to

get more customers. ​Discover how to easily figure out what you can spend to acquire a customer for any business. ​Know how to top grade a customer list so business growth can explode by 5x. ​Is one-to-one client selling killing your soul? Discover

the perfect solution and why competing on price is one of the worst things to do to the business.

​This one thing is a valuable form of marketing for attracting the best clients and patients. Need hordes of new customers without spending a single penny on ads? Then use this one unique technique talked about on the summit. ​Discover the greatest

competition is not who or what is thought to be…and having a clear understanding of this propels business off like a rocket!

Russell Brunson will be leading the presentation and says this webinar is a chance for people to hear from industry leaders on how to rebuild after the pandemic and turn the business into an online brand authority that customers can trust. They can ask questions live and get information not readily available through other channels. People interested in learning how to get customers back through

the doors can register free at Brick & Mortar Summit Now!

Cornelius Butler is the author of the book How To Sell In The 21st Century, for small business owners & entrepreneurs who want to sell

like a corporate giant and the founder of Millionaires On Deck Enterprise LLC serving the Digital Marketing Consultant industry. It is known for Helping small business owners grow their business online.


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