Brian Taylor Books Launches Powerful New Audio Drama 12 Blackened Petals

An Amazingly Powerful Fictional Podcast Based on the Addictive Novel 12 Blackened Petals

The audiobook industry is due for an overhaul. Gone are the days of listening to a boring book, narrated by a boring guy, in a silent room. Things are about to change. Meet the man that is about to change it. Brian Taylor. Just like most folks, he works a 9-to-5 in the corporate world. Most of his adult past is speckled with various entrepreneurial endeavors, because Brian has spent a life in pursuit of a better life. He says he has an overwhelming drive to provide for his wife and daughter, without having to do the daily grind.

Brian is the author of a very unique series of books.

The series is called 12 Blackened Petals and the plot is unlike any other. The story follows a young man named Sam. Through a bizarre, but somewhat believable, turn of events, he and a friend wind up stealing a very special flower. In that process, they both get caught and killed. The flower mysteriously brings Sam back to life as a God. The first book is a thrill ride that is highly addictive and leaves everyone wanting more. The best part is, everyone can get a FREE digital copy on the website, While the book is an amazing read, it is everything else that is attached to the book that makes this story interesting.

Brian uses his sound studio to produce an audio drama or fiction podcast of the book series. Don’t know what that is? Most people don’t. But, when he played one of the episodes, it was amazing. The narration of this fantastic story was accompanied by a full theatrical soundtrack. When there was action, the soundtrack supported that action with pounding drums, and pushing strings that served to enhance everyone’s imagination of what was going on. When the characters were experiencing heart ache (yes, there is a lot of struggle and heartache) it was backed up by soft tracks of piano and violins.

All of that music is added in just the right way to elicit emotions from the listener, but, it is engineered to not over power the narration. As if that wasn’t enough, Brian also adds sound effects to further draw the listener in. If the hero knocks a helicopter out of the sky, hear it…and feel it.

He says, “The goal is to get lost in the story. To feel like part of it. The listener should experience it, not just listen to it.”

“This story is incredibly massive. There are 5 books in the main series, but there are potentially dozens of books that can be written based on the way this universe is structured. Some of the events in Book 1 and 2 will spawn stories from people experiencing those events from a different point of view,” says the author.

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