Brian Dressler Photography Launches New Studio Rental Business In Columbia, SC

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Columbia, SC – Brain Dressler Photography, Inc proud to launch new studio rental business for esteemed customers of the studio’s highly ideal photography. Headed by photographer Brian Dressler, the studio is place known for high ideals in the images they take. All of which are images containing hidden essences with the people, products and buildings captured within the photograph.

Being a company that provides high value on quality photography in each of their completed projects, it is evident in each work how priceless each of them is. Brian Dressler Photography is able to successfully capture the essence, character and important features of each pictures in a professional and yet dramatic fashion.

Projects by Brian Dressler Photography is known for being able to perfectly showcase, market and promote their client’s products and services. All of which are through the excellent photography of Brian Dressler Photography. This excellent photography is rooted in detail, artistic photography and technical expertise expected from a professional commercial photographer.

Brian Dressler Photography’s new studio rental business is sure to make a huge impact to photographers in Columbia, SC. With the fact that there are many famous local and national acts to be recorded around the area, Columbia photographers will have just the perfect place to go to for a rental. It is simply convenient for Columbia, SC photographers now that they can rent a studio for their photography, film and video production.

The studio which Brian Dressler Photography will be renting out to photographer Columbia SC is a studio of 3000 square feet with a three-sided cyc cove located at the north end of the studio. The three-sided cyc cove is 33 feet wide and 24 feet deep. A metal piping grid serves as an overhead for lights which covers the whole cove and extending out to the central studio area.

The place offers features that are ideal for any photographer in Columbia, SC who wishes for a complete studio rental place. The rental studio is simple ideal for its 12.5 tons of air conditioning, excellent ‘sound stage’ sound proofing, well-lighted and covered loading dock, and many others. Additionally, it comes with make-up station, dressing area and counter work space for preparation of a photo shoot. The place comes with everything that a photographer needs.

There are many amenities and facilities that come with the rental studio that Brian Dressler Photography wants to provide to the Columbia SC Photographers. This way they can have a place in Columbia where they can do their photography and complete with other things they would need.

Of course, the rates for the rental depends on various factors like the project, size of the crew, the length of rental and many others. Still, Brain Dressler Photography’s new studio rental business is a perfect place for aspiring and an expert Columbia SC photographer.

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