BRI Publishes Valuable Scientific Information on Resveratrol

BRI continues to provide valuable details on Resveratrol in its recently published blog post. The post sheds light into how Resveratrol is perceived to benefit

BRI Nutrition recently published a new blog post summarizing the history and benefits of Resveratrol, the key active ingredient behind BRI’s Bestselling Resveratrol supplement. The post also discusses details on the multi-beneficial findings recently upheld by scientists after conducting further tests on Resveratrol. 

“From time to time we report the benefits of our select line of healthcare products, a majority of which are on the list of bestselling health care supplements. We also put out new healthcare findings on our products as they arise as well. We find that the more our consumers know, the better their decision making process is. It also tends to lead them to making wiser decisions and helps them in understanding why our BRI health care supplements are the best in their class,” said Samantha Bray Lockton, Director of Business Development for BRI Nutrition. 

“And we want clients to be aware of these recent findings to give them a holistic idea of what the product is all about and what it can deliver. Plus, given such findings, we are also keen to highlight the difference of BRI Nutrition’s version of its Resveratrol. Basically, one of the most important aspects of our Resveratrol that differentiates it from many competing brands is that ours is not only 100% all-natural, but we have designed it with an extra pure, high potency formula from Polyphenols, which makes it more potent. This is one of many reasons BRI Resveratrol is Amazon’s #1 bestselling brand in 3 different categories: Resveratrol, Calcium Ascorbate, and Grape Seed Extract,” added Lockton.  

BRI Nutrition is hopeful that more customers will be guided accordingly before they commit to any purchase of the product. The post was further released in response to customer queries regarding the further evidences on the effects of Resveratrol.  

About BRI Nutrition

BRI Nutrition, based in California, is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of health supplements such as Phytoceramides, Resveratrol, and Yacon Syrup. The company has been revolutionizing high-quality nutritional and natural supplements for years, with the mission to aid people in their pursuit of optimum health and wellness. Their products are manufactured in the USA, under an FDA-registered production facility.

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