BRI Nutrition’s Resveratrol Supplement Reaches Bestseller Status On Amazon

BRI’s Resveratrol reaches Bestseller spot on Amazon with records of a 4.8 average rating.

BRI Nutrition’s Resveratrol reaches bestseller status in two separate categories in Amazon–under Grapeseed Extract Nutritional Supplements, and Resveratrol Nutritional Supplements. The product also reached more than 200 reviews this week and recorded an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. As of writing, 207 out of 216 reviewers rated the product with either 4 or 5 stars. 

“We are so happy with how BRI Resveratrol is performing in the market today, especially with these distinctions we received from Amazon. We are quite optimistic that as the new year comes, we get to see more customers who are satisfied with the product and are willing to stand by it! The Bestseller status is a huge plus to the good performance of the product. This definitely validates the hard work and all the hours we’ve spent on research and development, marketing, and so forth. I think I speak for all BRI employees when I say that this achievement is so fulfilling!” says Samantha Bray Lockton, Director of Business Development for BRI Nutrition.

“With regards to generally favorable rating and the reviews that we get on the product, we are more than happy. What we want to see is always, time and time again, is how our end users are benefiting from the product. And as they do receive results that are positive and tangible, and are happy with things, nothing beats that,” added Lockton.

Towards the end of the year, BRI recorded an increase in purchases for their Resveratrol product. With recorded performance, BRI is optimistic in gaining an even higher ROI rate for their Resveratrol this coming 2015. The company is also intent on maintaining their Number 1 Bestseller spot on Amazon and are currently planning a more aggressive marketing approach spread over different platforms. 

About BRI Nutrition 

BRI Nutrition, based in California, is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of health supplements such as Phytoceramides, Resveratrol, and Yacon Syrup. The company has been revolutionizing high-quality nutritional and natural supplements for years, with the mission to aid people in their pursuit of optimum health and wellness. Their products are manufactured in the USA, under an FDA-registered production facility.

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