Brentwood Eco-Friendly Carpet Steam Cleaning – Carpet Rug Disinfection Solution

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Sherman Oaks-based eco-friendly JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care, (818-263-9314) serving Los Angeles, Brentwood, and surrounding areas, is updating their solutions to offer the best in today’s carpet cleaning and disinfecting methods.

Home carpeting offers many benefits, including warmth, comfort, and a stylish addition to household interiors; however, carpets that aren’t routinely deep cleaned can begin looking dull, and can even harbor harmful bacteria. The recently updated carpet cleaning solutions announced by JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care give residents throughout Los Angeles and Brentwood access to the industry-leading cleaning and disinfecting services to help prolong the life of their carpets and keep home interiors healthy and fresh.

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The newly updated eco-friendly methods used by JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care offer homeowners high-quality solutions without negatively impacting the environment.

Many carpet companies will not honor their warranties unless the carpet has been professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Ideally, to maintain clean and healthy interiors, residents, and especially allergy sufferers, should have their carpets cleaned every four to six months.

The best way to properly clean carpets is by using steam. This is the only way to remove the bacteria that can be harmful to family members, especially children, and pets. The technicians at JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care apply a four-step cleaning process that begins with vacuuming, and an eco-friendly pre-treating solution. Carpets are then steam cleaned and raked. Services can also include bonnet cleaning, carpet scrubbing, pre-conditioning with rinse, and dry cleaning. A final walk-through ensures excellence.

As part of their customer-oriented approach, the team at JP Carpet Cleaning dedicate time every week to brainstorming ways they can offer even better service to their customers. Their mission is to remain the best in their segment.

For over 20 years the company has worked to perfect their trade, branching into other home care services such as upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and applications, wood floor cleaning, and more, to give their clients the convenience of a professional one-stop shop, and the peace of mind that partnering with specialists will offer.

With the latest update in services to offer the industry’s most innovative and effective eco-friendly cleaning methods, JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care clients get the pristine outcomes they’re after at value-oriented rates designed to fit their budgets.

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