Brendale Commercial Solar Installation Panels Batteries & LED Lighting Launched

Queensland-based Solar Xpress, a solar system designer who’ve installed over 16,000 systems have launched their ‘Solutions Program’ for custom systems that produce maximum output for longer.

Brendale, Queensland-based SolarXpress, a domestic and commercial solar panel installer, has announced the launch of their ‘Solutions Program’ where they customize systems to fit the needs of their clients. The program focuses on the system size, structure and shape enables homes, businesses and even schools and other facilities to have a solar systems designed that cater to their specific requirements. This customization of systems means that clients save more.

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Recently launched, the Solutions Program enables big and small businesses, organizations and educational facilities, as well as homeowners to create a solar system that produces enough energy to operate pumps and other equipment all day long. Clients can also opt to include batteries, solar hot water and LED lighting to improve their energy efficiency further.

Including planning, installation and commissioning, the ‘Solutions Program’ provides both residential and commercial premises with the option to create a custom solar system to suit their needs. Planning uses state-of-the-art software to analyse ways to create a cost-effective system that produces the most amount of power. Installation is carried out by Clean Energy Council accredited installers and comes with industry certified warranties. Commissioning, handover and training are all a part of the standard service.

All SolarXpress clients also receive a comprehensive booklet about their new solar system. This booklet shows clients how to use and care for their system and also includes detailed warranty information.

The latest SolarXpress installation gave the team the opportunity to put their ‘Solutions Program’ into action. A local school required a 100KW system that fitted a multi-purpose structure that the school used for sporting activities. So SolarXpress worked with them to create the system that they needed. The school are elated with the finished product design, and SolarXpress are now manufacturing the system.

Having now installed over 16,000 solar systems for domestic and commercial uses, Solar Xpress is dedicated to using high-quality systems that are durable, produce maximum output for longer and offer their clients exceptional return on their investment. Servicing areas in and around Brendale, Queensland, Solar Xpress will travel to other locations depending on the type of work required.

When asked about SolarXpress one client said, “We recently had a system fitted to our caravan, the advice and knowledge shared was extremely helpful. SolarXpress went above and beyond our expectations in service delivery. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

To find out more about SolarXpress and their ‘Solutions Program’, please call 07 5495 6222 or visit the link above. Site-goers can discover more about the company, their solar solutions and their products such as batteries, solar hotwater services and LED lighting. Site visitors can also view a photo gallery of previous SolarXpress installations.

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