BreezyLeads Announces Expansion of Lead Generation Services

BreezyLeads, a result-based lead generation company, announces an expansion of their services.

Berkeley, California, JULY 1, 2016 – BreezyLeads (, a result-based lead generation company, announces an expansion of their services.

BreezyLeads is an online based promotional marketing and advertising firm located in Berkeley, California. Starting in mid-July 2016, they will now be offering hundreds of websites for sale through their lead generation network. These include pre-owned sites from previous enterprises, and high traffic domains that drive businesses owners more customers.

Mainly serving SMB’s in the home services, solar, legal, finance, and health verticals, BreezyLeads has helped many small business owners grow for the long term. But unlike a lot of other small marketing firms, BreezyLeads has also helped advertise for major companies like Vitamin Shoppe, Bowflex, and BeachBody.

BreezyLeads was established in April of 2015. Most new businesses have to go through multiple ups and downs in order to prosper, especially in the economic times of today. BreezyLeads has proven that they did not let difficult times hold them back in their tracks. The organization doubled in size since this year, and now serves 11 states across the United States.

As a lead generation service provider, BreezyLeads understands that some business owners are only able to handle so much business themselves. In fact, one business owner has even said, “we are having trouble keeping up with our call volume. I guess that is a good problem to have!”

To resolve this issue, BreezyLeads is also working to provide a concierge service hotline for busy business owners. With dedicated receptionists ready to take on any new business throughout the workday, business owners will no longer have trouble keeping up with answering calls. This feature is set to launch quarter four of this year, and BreezyLeads is excited to see new growth and innovation into the next year.

As one of the growing companies in the private lead generation business, BreezyLeads is dedicated to help serve business owners with their customer acquisition needs.

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