Breathwork Case Study Finds That C02 Training Best for Long Term Health

Jesse Coomer has discovered how focusing on only one style of breathwork limits long-term ability and how C02 training and a mixture of disciplines is the best benefit for breathwork health.

Breathwork coaching company, Midwestern Method LLC, has found surprising new data through their latest work on C02 Training and Breathwork. Head of the company, Jesse Coomer, has worked with hundreds of breathwork practitioners including first responders and athletes wanting to improve their health and performance through breathwork.

Designed specifically for breathwork practitioners, this case study provides a real-world look at the challenges facing breathwork practitioners that desire the increased performance and help attributed to recent developments in breathwork. Many in the breathwork community focus on super ventilation when practicing breathwork and it hurts their long-term breathing mechanics. Through Jesse Coomer’s work, those problems can be overcome.

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Jesse Coomer wanted to find an effective solution for many in the breathwork community who focus on superventilation when doing breathwork and don’t know they’re hurting their long-term breathing mechanics.

Among the information discovered:

Improving Breathwork with C02 training – Breathwork is the most beneficial when adding in different styles instead of keeping with just one.

Superventilation vs C02 – Euphoric breathwork is normally superventilation but it does not deal with C02 which is the most beneficial for overall health.

Not all Breathwork is Euphoric – Breathwork will not be as powerful if it’s only done one way.

Jesse Coomer, Renowned Breathwork Coach of Midwestern Method LLC said,

“Doing C02 training is the best kind of breath training that one can do but it doesn’t feel good to do. Still, it’s the most beneficial breathwork for ones overall health. As a breathworker, if one only practices one way of breathing you will always be limited.”

Breathwork practitioners who need help with Many people focus on superventilation when doing breathwork and it hurts their long term breathing mechanics are invited to review the case study online or download the full case study directly:

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