Breast Cancer Awareness Offers Hot Pink Spark Bluetooth Headphones by SoundWhiz

Soundwhiz, a value driven business with a desire to improve peoples lives and positively help influence attitudes with well priced, quality audio and accessories. Backed by quick replacement guarantees and customer service someone can only experience when they purchase Bluetooth headphone products from Soundwhiz.

SoundWhiz is proud to partner with National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc ® (NBCF) with the launch of SoundWhiz Spark, the hot pink Bluetooth headphones for running and iphones , to help brighten those touched by cancer. In honor of a shared vision, to provide help and inspire hope, the Sound-whiz co-founders felt a synergy to stand behind the universal desire to defeat breast cancer to help those affected by breast cancer.

Knowing someone mentally and physically challenged by breast cancer is all the awareness they need to feel acutely helpless. Owning a Spark Bluetooth Headphone is just one way to combat that feeling of hopelessness. For every Spark Bluetooth headphones sold, SoundWhiz will donate 10% to NBCF. And that’s not all. The benefit of owning a Spark is the effect it has on your state of mind as you listen to music. It’s not just the happy, hot pink or rocket red bright color of the wireless Bluetooth earbud package, it’s the enjoyment music brings, that feeling you get when you hear your all-time favorite song, or you tune into a positive podcast while you sit and commute or run to work with the Bluetooth wireless headphones for running.

It’s the freedom of having no wires but still staying connected to make and take calls and listen, on-the-go. Most of all, it’s how someones mood and mental attitude can be lifted every day, moving them further towards a goal, no matter how big or small their personal challenges may be. Music makes a difference! That’s why the tag for Spark is “SHINE BRIGHT’. The SoundWhiz Spark addition is priced to be accessible to everyone and on the top gift list this Christmas and beyond.

With Apple’s decision to ditch the jack on the iPhone 7 and to push users to a hands free Bluetooth future, it seemed fitting to offer truly neat wireless earbuds to ease users in the transition to wireless. “At SoundWhiz, happy faces are happy customers, to add a little spark and brighten someone’s day makes it feel like it was a good job,” says Giles Smith, one of the co-founders of this positive attitude brand. With only one more week to go, after a month where the world is being flooded in pink, everyone is acutely aware that October is about raising funds for breast cancer. It felt fitting to partner with National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® for SoundWhiz, whose brand vision is to positively impact the lives of a million people through audio by 2021. “We need help to donate and put smiles on faces to make them ‘Shine Bright’.” NBCF is one of the most trusted breast cancer charities in the nation

For twelve years, NBCF has received the highest 4-star rating by Charity Navigator, America’s premier charity evaluator. Each year, over 80% of their revenue is directed to their life-saving programs, and NBCF has grown to include partners in all 50 states. In association with NBCF, A special offer has been put together to purchase the SoundWhiz Spark on Amazon. Follow this link to get the free eBook on how to be breast health aware, pick up the exclusive coupon and support NBCF’s mission of Helping Women Now help find a cure.

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