Breast Augmentation Liposuction Specialist Launches Odessa, Midland TV Interviews

Dr. Sylvan Bartlett, began airing a series of interviews on Breast Augmentation and Liposuction. The main aim of the TV interviews is to help inform candidates on the latest surgical advancements available today. Learn more about Dr. Bartlett at

Prominent surgeon, Dr. Sylvan Bartlett, a double board certified Plastic Surgeon with over 30 years experience, began airing a series of Breast Augmentation and Liposuction TV interviews. The main aim of the interviews is to help inform candidates on the latest advancements in surgical procedures and options available today. Learn more about surgical body reshaping at

Dr. Bartlett brought Liposuction from France to the Permian Basin in March, 1983. His current method of extracting fat doesn’t require the patient to undergo the added expense, discomfort and risk of general anesthesia and is far less traumatic than other methods commonly performed today. As a result the patient has less painful stimuli during the procedure and require less local anesthetic during the procedure. Most of his patients report very little or no discomfort.

“I have found a less traumatic method to loosen the fat from its fibrous bed. I am able to use only 1/3 of the usual suction and still effectively remove fat. This decreases the trauma that the patient and the aspirated fat experience. In fact my patients tell me that they have no pain. However, in rare cases the pain is usually a”1” on a scale of 1- 12 (i.e.the least amount of pain) on the day after surgery. “

Per the FDA website, “breast augmentation patients may need to have one or more reoperations over the course of their life due to one complication or a combination of local complications”. One of the most common breast augmentation complications is called Capsular Contraction, a painful condition that is caused when scar tissue forms around the implant. The scar tissue squeezes around the implant and feels unnaturally hard to the touch and in the case of Grades III and IV Capsular Contracture, could be disfiguring.

Sylvan Bartlett, M.D., P.A., says “As far as batting averages are concerned, I have a statistically lower national average for Capsular Contracture. I haven’t performed a simple breast augmentation that needed a corrective surgery due to Capsular Contractions in 9 years or more.”

Dr. Sylvan Bartlett will continue to air his series of TV interviews on a variety of stations including West Texas News station KOSA Channel 7 Odessa Texas. Dr. Bartlett decided to commit to the interviews because of community demand. It is critical that patients are given enough information to make an informed decision.

Dr. Sylvan Bartlett has been in private practice for over 30 years and was the first Midland Plastic Surgery practice established in 1977. Dr. Bartlett is a past clinical instructor for the Plastic Surgery Division of the University of Missouri School of Medicine in Columbia, Missouri and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Medicine in Odessa, Texas. Since the beginning, Dr. Bartlett has been a frequent speaker at complimentary plastic surgery seminars throughout West Texas and New Mexico. Patients benefit from his extensive expertise and experience by having a statistically lower incidence of Capsular Contracture than national average. The new series of Liposuction and Breast Augmentation interviews launched April 2017 and runs every month through March 2018. To find out more about Dr. Sylvan Bartlett, visit

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