Breakthrough Veterinary Practice Animal Hospital Marketing & Management Launched

Veterinary Power Font Desk and other No Cost tools and training services makes Online Station the go-to website for Veterinary practices as well as Animal Hospitals. They also do custom programs based on the needs and resources of each practice.

Online Station LLC, has been the go-to website for effective Marketing for years, and has now launched a series of no cost steps to help Veterinary Practices and Animal Hospitals create a power font desk for Veterinarians.

Information on their Power Front Desk is here

From the years of experience of working with Veterinary Practices across the U.S. and Canada they have isolated two weak links in most all practices and the front desk is one of them.

They also have been instrumental in helping to stabilize and expand animal hospitals and veterinary clinics with their Veterinarian Revenue Levels Profit Pyramid, giving practices an accurate picture of where they are at.

In looking at a practice, each Veterinarian has a vision for their practice of where they really want to take it, as far as size, effectiveness and profitability. Online Station, as a services group, helps them develop a plan to get from point A (where the practice is now) to point B (their vision).

Unlike many Veterinary marketing agencies, Online Station offers a number of no cost services including live strategy coaching calls to help support their practice and the industry. Another one is a Do-It-Yourself Veterinary Practice Profit Analysis at no charge.

Through their consulting and strategies the purpose seems to be to reduce stress by increasing cash flow with their various programs. As they state on their website “We help veterinarians get at least 17-37 additional new clients per month so they can increase profitability by filling the schedule without the usual pains and frustrations of ineffective marketing.”

They also have a Veterinary Road Map to a 7 Figure Practice and Beyond that has taken years to codify and is given to each Veterinarian client to use. Their purpose of making each practice the Go-To Veterinary Authority in their area seems to be realized, based on the testimonials on their site.

A wide range of successful tools and actions that have been proven to work for Veterinarians are available and they customize each program based on the practices needs and resources.

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