Breakthrough New Frisbee Now Available to Frisby Lovers Too

The Activ Flyer, the world’s easiest frisbee to throw and catch is now available on Amazon. As seen on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX, this revolutionary new flying ring has quickly become a top seller.

There’s no doubt that the game of frisbee is a popular pastime. The world over, millions of people of all ages enjoy throwing around these popular flying sports toys.

When it comes to spelling the word, many variations are used including frisbee, frisby, frisbie, frysby, frysbee and frysbie. Regardless of how one spells it, there’s no denying the fun. Flying discs and ring flyers are tossed around everyday on beaches and parks from Malibu to Moscow.

The popular games Ultimate, Kan Jam and Disc Golf have reignited interest in frisbees. So have the millions of views that Brodie Smith’s amazing frisbee trick shot videos have gotten on YouTube. Flying toys are now one of the most popular birthday gift ideas for boys, girls as well as friends and family of all ages.

This year, Activ Life has introduced to the market a revolutionary new flyer. As seen on CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX, the Activ Flyer is 80% lighter than standard Ultimate discs, so it doesn’t hurt one’s fingers when caught “the wrong way” like normal frisbees do.

In addition to this, the Activ Flyer’s unique, aerodynamic design makes it easy to throw straight to your partner, even for young children and novice players. Standard flying discs often veer off in one direction and miss their mark. The Activ Flyer with its hollow center and other design features, flies level, more like the Aerobie.

The founders of Activ Life were inspired by the simplicity of the traditional Wham-O and Discraft model discs as well as the advanced aerodynamics of the Aerobie. The Activ Flyer is the perfect combination of both and a favorite among expert and casual frisby players alike.

Instead of hurting a finger or jamming one’s thumb, the ultra-lightweight Activ Flyer makes for very safe and comfortable catches. Because of its lightweight construction, it’s not suitable for dogs or use in high winds, but is great for everything else.

The Aerobie flies very fast and very far, making it difficult to catch. Overthrowing an Aeorbie is very common. The Activ Flyer is intended for shorter distances of 15-30 feet, but can soar up to 80 feet on calm days and indoors. The Activ Flyer also floats through the air at a much slower pace than an Aerobie, which is another reason it is so easy to catch. One can catch it easily in one hand or stick their forearm through the center.

The Activ Flyer is geared more towards children and casual players who might throw it around at a school playground, back yard barbeque or invent their own cool games to play at the park. The lightweight, compact design is great for backpacking and camping too. The Activ Flyer also floats in water, which is an added bonus for anyone with a pool, boat, cottage or cabin on a lake, or who loves the beach.

This revolutionary new flying ring is sold exclusively on Amazon here:

The Activ Flyer is currently only available to buy in the US, but doesn’t discriminate as to what you want to call it or how you want to spell it. Frisbee, frisby, frisbie, frysby, frysbee and frysbie lovers alike are all welcome to order one online and enjoy the fun.

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