Brazilian Hair Extensions Are Now Available In Sheffield

Brazilian hair extensions are now available at selected salons, the Brazilian hair is more compatible with European hair than Indian and Chinese hair.

For many years the hair extension market has been dominated by Chinese and Indian hair, and most of the well known brands use hair sourced from these countries. However, things are about to change. Brazilian hair is now available, and the benefit of this hair is that it is more compatible with European Hair.

The hair that is coming into the UK is of the highest quality, AAAAA+ grade which has been double drawn. This means that the hair has gone through an advanced process to ensure the hair is of the highest standard and quality, every strand is the same length from the root to the tip with all the cuticle layers, laid in the same direction as natural hair growth. The hair comes in lengths of 20? and has over 25 colours, mixed shades to offer the ombre’ effect.

One of the salons that have been approved to supply Brazilian hair is Unique of Sheffield and salon manager Emma has this to say ” We are really pleased to be able to offer our clients Brazilian hair, we offer both Indian and Chinese hair extensions, however Brazilian hair blends really well with European hair. Hair extensions are becoming very popular and we have been fitting hair extensions for over 15 years, they offer an instant glamour boost to volume with stunning colour effects.

The celebrity culture that we live in has promoted hair extensions on the red carpet, and with social media it has propelled hair extensions to the masses. Hair has over recent years improved in quality and become cheaper so you don’t have to pay thousands of pounds to get a great set of hair extensions.

The key to having a successful experience with hair extensions is researching the hair quality and techniques that are available, and finally getting the extensions fitted by a reputable salon.”

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