Brazilian Fit Jacquard Capris & Push Up Camo Jaguar Marble Gym Leggings Launched

The renowned Leggings By Jodi announced a new collection of capris, leggings and workout shorts with original, colorful patterns and the famous Brazilian push up cut ideal for those who want to look and feel their best at the gym and in yoga class.

The acclaimed Leggings By Jodi store has announced a new range of women’s leggings, capris and workout shorts with colorful, trendy and flattering prints ideal to stand out and impress at the gym, jogging with friends or in yoga class.

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The Leggings By Jodi is a famous leggings store created by a certified personal trainer and holistic nutritionist who is looking to inspire other women to work out and stay healthy by providing the fresh Brazilian style exercise wear they need to feel and look their best at the gym.

The famous exercise wear shop has now launch of a new range of women’s leggings, capris and workout shorts with the vibrant colors, originality and comfort that is making Brazilian style exercise wear such a popular choice among celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian or Kylie Jenner.

The new collection of gym wear includes jacquard, camo striped, marbled, purple streak, sea foam, origami, clouds and coral petals or color craze shorts, leggings and capris designed by local artists alongside a trendy range of jaguar, leopard and other elegant animal prints.

The leggings and capris are all made with a Brazilian 4 way stretch polyamide that hugs the legs, helps hide any unflattering areas and ensures the most jovial, beautiful look at the gym, while jogging with friends, at cross fit or in yoga class.

The Leggings By Jodi founder explains that “a dear friend who is from Brazil inspired me to break out of my black exercise gym wear shell. I loved the colors, quality and originality of the Brazilian style so much, I started offering them to clients and friends. Now, I’m on a mission to foster that vitality, internal belief and motivation we feel when we look our best in more women.”

More information on the Leggings By Jodi and its new collection of Brazilian 4-way stretch leggings, capris and shorts with animal prints and colorful, vibrant patterns can be consulted at the website link provided above along with details on what is making the Brazilian leggings the new ‘it’ thing in exercise wear and multiple customer pics in their Leggings By Jodi.

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