Brandnative Launches Campaign to Elimate Website Templates And Encourage Custom Sites

Each company is unique and therefore the website too should be states

The look of a company's website is paramount to its success, acting as a virtual storefront open 24 hours a day. Customers make immediate decisions about the company based on colors used, content and the design used. In fact, recent results of a mobile user survey revealed 94% of people surveyed felt web design was the cause of them rejecting or mistrusting a website. Concurrently, another industry survey recently indicated nearly half of all people survey felt a website's design was the number one factor for determining how credible a business was.

With these statistics in mind, Brandnative, a noted Denver web design firm, has launched a campaign to make business owners aware of how very important web design, mobile platforms and branding consistency is to the overall success of a business. Says Nick Dafni, spokesperson for Brandnative (, "It's a proven fact that a website's visitors only read about 25% of a web page's content, so the way a business positions their information, the colors they use and the images they use to present the content is more important than ever. To help businesses find alternatives to tired templates every other business uses, Brandnative is now offering a five step process to ensure the best possible outcome."

The five step process tried and proven by Brandnative allows them to thoroughly familiarize themselves with a business, and produce and promote a website that will accurately reflect the brand of the company. Says Dafni, "Your company is not like any other, so why should your website be? We want to make sure we understand who you are before we try and build something that will represent you." To accomplish this goal, Dafni says they assign a personal web designer or project manager that will get to know the company’s history, goals, vision, values, and strategiess.

Dafni concludes, offering the following advice. "A website is a digital storefront that never closes. Today's businesses can't afford to settle for poor design, and why should they when it could be great? A company's website provides an immediate impression about what kind of business you are. Don’t settle for a template website that hundreds of other businesses use."

About Brandnative:

Based out of Denver Colorado, the firm prides themselves on being a full service marketing and design firm. They understand that design services and marketing are two distinct ventures that each require different strategies and experience. Having years of experience in the industry, the company management noticed that there is a lack of quality customer service, overall. Communication, transparency, relationship, and integrity are the core values of the team at Brandnative. They intently listen to their client's goals, and then work to achieve them with excellence.

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