Branded Merchandise Online Store Builder – Print-On-Demand eCommerce Tool Launch

As branded merchandise becomes a source of revenue in its own right, Alberta-based print-on-demand specialist BestBrandMerch launches a new service providing businesses with preloaded, customized merchandising webstores.

Print-on-demand branded merchandising provider BestBrandMerch, based in Spruce Grove, Alberta, has launched a turnkey e-commerce solution that provides businesses with fully functional online marketing outlets.

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As branded merchandise becomes an increasingly popular method of generating revenue and increasing brand awareness, the new services allow businesses to launch their own online product range with minimal effort.

Promotional products have been used for decades as a means to broaden a brand’s exposure. However, the much more recent phenomenon of social media influencers has seen this approach adopted as a source of revenue in its own right.

Creating a branded merchandise range traditionally requires significant time and investment, with a company needing to source suitable products, design logos, find sales outlets, and maintain inventory. The advent of digital tools made the process somewhat simpler, as print-on-demand services removed the requirement for carrying stock.

The latest announcement from BestBrandMerch goes several steps further, providing businesses with logo design and a ready-made e-commerce platform that manages all the important tasks.

At the heart of the new service is the proprietary software known as GrooveKart (TM). Behind a client’s personally branded website, the GrooveKart platform performs a range of functions including order processing, payment processing, and shipping.

The software also provides users with a variety of tools, such as size and color selection, product category management, sales analytics, and an in-built support desk.

Clients using the platform are able to choose from over 30 different product types that can be sold through their website. BestBrandMerch works with partner fulfillment providers across Canada and the USA, so all products sold are done so on a print-on-demand basis.

The number and type of products clients are able to sell through their website is dictated by the package chosen, which can be altered at any time. When first accessing the service, users are invited to select from three packages, following which designers at BestBrandMerch will make contact to ascertain whether new or existing logos are to be used.

Following the finalization of product types and designs, BestBrandMerch begins the development of the client’s website which, when completed, is fully ready for use.

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