Brand New Website Launched For Acne Treatment Cream, Acne Ultra Clear

Derma Group have launched a new website for their debut acne treatment cream, Acne Ultra Clear. The website will be the online home for the brand, where the latest news and offers will be announced. The natural acne cream is currently available from Amazon.

Following the product launch of Acne Ultra Clear on Amazon UK, Derma Group have launched a new website for the brand. The website,, is now the online home for the debut product – a natural and organic acne treatment cream – of the new natural skincare brand.

“We’re keen for Acne Ultra Clear to be its own brand and for that to be reflected in its online presence. We want it to stand up as a competitor for large, chemical cosmetics brands. Acne sufferers should have the choice which type of treatment they’d like to use. We’d also like to have the potential to add new natural products to the Acne Ultra Clear range in the future, so launching the new website is the first step towards that.” said John, Managing Director of Derma Group.

The new website contains information about the ingredients and their purpose inside the organic acne cream from Acne Ultra Clear. Some of the ingredients in the cream are: coconut oil, beeswax and pot marigold. As well as ingredient information, the website has a blog, social media links, and a VIP Ultra Clear Club. The brand is keen to go up against the more mainstream skincare companies.

“We’ve had some really positive feedback from customers already, so we’re keen to promote the brand to more people through informative and engaging blogs. We are a natural brand and we are proud of that, so our blogs will definitely have a natural theme!” continued John. At the time of going to print, two blogs had already been published on the Acne Ultra Clear website.

Acne Ultra Clear is a topical acne treatment, designed for mild acne sufferers of all skin types. It is EU Certified and comes in a 50ml jar size. The cream is available from Amazon UK with a RRP of £17.99.

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