Brand New Launch of Pure Cashmere Gentleman’s Sweaters. Wears like a Tee Shirt.

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Cashmere Polo Sweaters for Men Available in 5 colors. Select from Black, Camel, Burgundy, Charcoal and Faded Pewter. Also available at and Chic.

Cashmere Boutique, an online vendor of cashmere products, has announced the launch of their updated selection of Full Sleeves Polo Sweaters for Men.The company is dedicated to providing a versatile collection of high-quality cashmere products at affordable prices.

The good news is that these Shirts looks like tees but wear like sweaters. You can either dress them down with Jeans, or dress up with a Blazer. The Chic Casual is finally here to stay.

Also For a limited time, the company is also free delivery to any address in the US.

Cashmere is available in several grades, including “Grade-A”, “Grade-B” and so on. They offer only the highest quality cashmere made with Grade A Cashmere

Select from 5 available colors at the following link,

Amazon customers shop at ,

Before storing your precious cashmere garments in basements or attics, check carefully for leaks, dampness and sunlight.

Fold clothes or pack them neatly in tissue paper or plastic bag and store them in a closet away from light, dust and dampness.

Cleaning before storage is recommended, as fresh stains that may not yet be visible will oxidize and become fixed during storage; they may also be the food for moths. Moths have a discerning palate; they feast only on natural fabrics. Mothballs (naphthalene) and cedar chips are standard protection from moth infestation of woolens.

To store a pure cashmere sweater during summer, the most important thing is to keep moisture away, so please do not store your cashmere sweaters in a damp place. A well-sealed plastic storage box (available in most stores) is good enough (a see-through one is better as you can notice that if there is any moisture inside). Make sure the box is dry before you put sweaters in.

A satisfied customer ” Gregory K

Very luxurious polo shirt. Soft, warm, and very nice. Coordinates well with jeans or slacks.”

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