Brand New Innovative Cake Tin Hits New Milestone

Brand new cake tin, The Magic Baking Tin, has reached a new milestone - their first 100 sales of their product on Amazon.

Since launching their innovative shaped cake tin in the middle of April, The Magic Baking Tin have received feedback from customers, achieved a best seller badge and gained their first 50 customers. They have now reached a new milestone – their first 100 product sales since their launch on Amazon.

With customers commenting on the space-saving qualities of the product, “…it saves a vast amount of room within the cupboards one box rather than twenty tins…” and the product’s design, “…[The Magic Baking Tin] is a great concept, with a few shaped pieces of tin and some keys to hold them together you can create…hundreds of geometric shapes in which to bake a cake…”

Other customers have also been keen to discuss how to clean The Magic Baking Tin, “…Each part of the baking tin is non-stick extremely easy to clean just put them in the dishwasher and [you’re] done…”

“We’ve had lots of really useful feedback from our customers and it’s really exciting to reach our first 100 sales on Amazon.” said Mitchell, CEO of The Magic Baking Tin, “We hoped that our product would go down well with bakers and we’re really thrilled with how well our cake tin is selling.”

The brand know that they are vying for attention in a highly competitive market.

“Cake tins on Amazon is a really competitive category but we already seem to be holding our own against more mainstream tins.” continued Mitchell, “Our product is very different to anything else that’s on Amazon and we know that Amazon shoppers love products that are innovative and different.”

The Magic Baking Tin is a family friendly product that allows the user to make 100s of shapes from just one tin. Alongside a variety of different shapes, the tin also makes conventional sized tins too.

The Magic Baking Tin is now available from Amazon UK:…

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