Brand Launch LO:LA creates brand for disruptive Canna beverage

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London : Los Angeles (LO:LA) has published a new case study, revealing how Business Owners, Start up companies, can solved the problem of Creating a disruptive brand.

Brand and Advertising Agency company, London : Los Angeles (LO:LA), has published surprising new data in their latest case study on Brand Launch. Designed specifically for Business Owners, Start up companies and Cannabis Brands, this case study provides a real-world look at the challenges facing Business Owners and founders in Creating a disruptive brand for a start-up and how those challenges can be overcome.

Interested parties can download the case study on the company website:

The Brand Launch case study contains credible sources that provide reliable information, a look at how LO:LA approach a launch for a start-up company and that can be used to make informed business decisions. This concrete example of success documents the steps taken to develop a Brand, executr Product packaging, imagine how the brand shoudl live in Advertising and present itself on a Website.

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“As we now embark on the ‘new normal in business and in life, now is really the time to think about the state of your brand. Is your brand is facing an impasse? Does your current marketing really make sense for today? The state of your brand may require a shift, some new thinking. LO:LA is here to collaborate and demonstrate the power of the pivot!” Nick Platt, Founder of LO:LA London : Los Angeles said.

Among the information included:

Brand positioning, creating a new lifestyle for a Cannabis beverage.

Brand launch – Creating disruptive and memorable branding in a very busy category.

Packaging design – Making sure of a distinctive look at point of purchase.

The Power of the Pivot – Our perspective on getting to great work together The Power of the Pivot

Ben Kennedy, Founder of BKKB Ventures said,

“Any company looking to either launch or reimagine their brand will have an excellent partner in LO:LA. Throughout the project, the team was extremely flexible and collaborative, demonstrating their dedication to success. I’m most impressed with their ability to pivot. I’ve worked with multiple creatives and sometimes it’s hard to get through to them that their idea isn’t the best. With LO:LA, they genuinely listened, and there was no ego.”

Professionals who need help with Creating a disruptive brand for a start-up are invited to review the case study online or download the full case study directly:

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