Brand Authority & Awareness Media Campaigns: DFY Content Creation Service Update

Path2Excel, a top team of brand visibility experts, has announced updates to its omnipresent marketing program that helps small businesses to improve their search rankings, grow their domain authority, and increase their online traffic.

The expanded marketing program helps small and medium-sized businesses to compete for the top spots in the search results using a unique content creation strategy.

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Research shows that approximately 46% of consumers start their search for new products or services using Google. Since most brands are aware of this, there is intense competition for the top spots in the search results in almost any niche. With its updated services, Path2Excel uses a “done-for-you” marketing strategy that combines several proven techniques to help smaller brands level the playing field and get listed near the top.

Search engine algorithms decide which pages will rank highest in the results based on many individual factors, and the exact rules they use are a closely guarded secret. However, some factors are known and can give an additional boost to content from smaller brands over large corporations.

One of these factors is known as “brand authority” or “domain authority,” which measures how interesting, relevant, and famous a brand’s pages are. Path2Excel uses a content creation strategy to build unique, engaging, and relevant pages about a company that increases its brand authority with the algorithms.

To do this, they use a team of professional writers, content creators, and marketing experts to build multimedia pages based on the company’s websites, products, and services. These pages can take the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, slideshows, and more, with each piece of content containing links back to the brand’s main page.

Through careful research into the brand, its products, and its competition, the marketing team can give each piece of content Search Engine Optimized (SEO) headlines that increase their chance of ranking near the top. In time, companies that use this strategy consistently have been able to rank near the top for even the most competitive niches.

While the media campaigns are entirely “done-for-you,” clients are welcome to suggest topics. Еvery piece of content will be available for review or editing before it goes live online.

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