Brampton Real Estate Investment Property Senior Consultation Services Launched

Lorne Deffett and Tony Brayley, sales representatives for Exit Realty Hare Brokerage, a Brampton, Ontario professional real estate agency, updated their range of services to provide comprehensive real estate consultation, property management, and seniors housing services to clients interested in the Brampton real estate market.

Sales representatives Lorne Deffett and Tony Brayley of Exit Realty Hare Brokerage, a Brampton, Ontario real estate agency, announced an updated range of services for clients looking to buy, sell, rent or invest in Brampton properties.

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With the advent of easily-accessible real estate online resources, many feel that there is no real need for professional real estate services. While theoretically possible to undertake a wide range of property transactions without the help of a professional real estate agent, the legal risks resulting from the various aspects of buying, selling or renting properties are significantly higher without professional assistance.

Real estate agents are therefore essential to ensure that all property transactions are completed successfully. Real estate professionals will facilitate property transactions by providing access to a wide real estate market, setting up meetings, assessing properties, offering housing advice and various other services.

Lorne Deffett and Tony Brayley (The Brayley Deffett Team) are professional real estate experts and sales representatives for Exit Realty Hare Brokerage. Together, they have more than sixty years of experience providing professional services for clients in Brampton and other areas, securing record-setting prices on a variety of properties.

The Brayley Deffett Team has recently announced an updated range of real estate services for anyone looking to buy, rent or invest in the Brampton real estate market. The sales representatives provide fully-updated services including complete investment consultations, real estate market access, mediation, property assessment, estate sales and others.

To better respond to the varied needs of their clients, The Brayley Deffett team also provides custom services for senior citizens, offering assistance in choosing the adequate type of property for their clients’ specific needs.

Lorne Deffett and Tony Brayley offer complete real estate investment services, helping clients choose properties with optimum potential and assisting them in maximizing their profits.

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