Brain Science for Relationships – Strategies to Reduce Conflict and Build Trust

Online workshop, Brain Science for Relationships, presented by Juli Geske-Peer, of Peer Performance Solutions. This virtual workshop takes place on Friday March 23, 2018 from 10 am to 12pm CT.

The Coach Training Academy is excited to announce the upcoming online workshop, Brain Science for Relationships, presented by Juli Geske-Peer, President Peer Performance Solutions. This virtual workshop takes place on Friday March 23, 2018 from 10 am to 12pm Central Time.

In this two-hour online workshop Juli explores the facts that as human beings, we all seek relationship and connection with others, yet we also all struggle with these connections at times. All too often we may experience disagreement, distrust, and disappointment. Conflicts may even wreck our relationships or limit our careers. Learn why it is so hard to stop a conflict once they get started. How someone can repair broken trust. What to do when facing the risk of losing something—or someone—cared deeply about, as a result of conflict. Learn strategies to nurture relationships with others, whether at home, at work or in the community. How to build the connections we crave, while also helping increase our own success and fulfillment.

Juli says, “People are frequently surprised to learn how the brain can actually get in the way of communication and relationships. This workshop teaches how to work with the brain’s natural chemistry and build greater success as a result.”

Brain Science Topics Discussed:

· Understand what happens in your brain during conflict.

· Learn the latest brain science behind building trust.

· Discover strategies to halt conflict and improve relationships.

Juli Geske-Peer is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach. She founded Peer Performance Solutions (PPS) in 2014, after 20 years’ working for others as a leader and consultant. PPS offers a unique blend of services that help to maximize strategic leadership (including personal leadership in any role), and operational success. As the company’s principal consultant, coach and trainer, Juli’s aim is to enhance and maximize strengths already in place, whether working with an individual, a team, a division, or an entire organization.

As a visionary and leader, she has succeeded in crafting strong strategies and executing them successfully, providing exceptional service, and enhancing business processes, garnering praise from clients, leaders, and staff. She implemented worldwide projects in both quantitative and qualitative research. With a touted eye for talent, Juli has both personally made and helped clients make many high-performer hires and she is dedicated to ongoing growth and learning, both for herself and for partners. She has advised and coached executive, mid-level and emerging leaders in leadership, hiring, coaching, and development techniques.

“Having been coached by Juli, I have appreciated the professionalism, genuine care and respect she conveys to her clients. Juli creates a safe place in her sessions and very much values the goals and intentions of her clients and their purpose for meeting with her. “

Juli’s formal degrees are in Communications (BA) and Organizational Leadership (MA). Additional training has included Extreme Leadership Certification (Extreme Leadership Institute), Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Training (CreateWE Institute), professional train-the-trainer certification (University of Minnesota), mediation training (Conflict Resolution Center), and qualitative data gathering and reporting techniques (RIVA). She is an active volunteer and has been a high-rated conference presenter.

Through Peer Performance Solutions Juli offers; executive coaching, one-on-one peer coaching, group coaching, group workshops, training, consulting and speaking engagements.

Juli looks forward to exploring the Brain Science of Relationships with the workshop attendees and helping them attain more fulfilling lives.


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