Brain Health workshop for concussions at Brain Injury Canada Conference in April

Harmoni Health Inc announces that Dr. Joanny Liu will teach a workshop, "How to Interrupt Stress Filled Thinking in Concussion" at Brain Injury Canada’s First Semi Annual Conference, “Brain Injury Matters”, which will be held in Halifax-Darmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada on April 14 – 15, 2015.

Survivors of acquired brain injury, their caregivers, neuropsychologists and holistic practitioners looking for the latest information on Traumatic Brain Injury can register to attend Brain Injury Matters: Research, Innovation and Inspiration scheduled for April 14 – 15, 2015.

Dr. Joanny Liu will teach a workshop, “How to Interrupt Stress Filled Thinking in Concussion”, at this event, which will cover key issues such as:

How Psychological Well being affects Physical Well being – this important new trend in medicine must be embraced wholeheartedly in order to understand the mechanism of disease, including concussion

How to Increase Amounts of the Right Kinds of Neurochemicals – Increasing optimism and self-confidence is the key to healing concussions

Introduction to Activated Constructive Thinking Process – A subset of the practical tools and techniques in this fully customizable psychological protocol will be taught

Full details on the event can be found on the Brain Injury Canada website at

When asked about the reasons behind the workshop, “How to Interrupt Stress Filled Thinking in Concussion”, Dr. Joanny Liu said:

“It’s time to be bold. It’s time to put forth new and outside-of-the-box solutions that have been tested in the clinic and have been shown to change the way a person perceives their injury. That is the beginning of the healing process. Then it’s really important that someone with a concussion finds a solution that can be customized for their own set of life circumstances, not just the physical symptoms. Because not everyone is the same. This set of fully customizable psychological tools and techniques follows a process, but what’s important is how someone applies them and what conclusions they get from using them. This is where the power of healing comes from. Everyone has the ability to solve this puzzle called concussion, if they’re given the right tools to do it. I call these tools and techniques from the Activated Constructive Thinking process Reality Checks because they make the concussion sufferer aware of what’s really going on in their lives. They identify what’s wrong and then they decide on a course of action that they take. A concussion is all about confusion in the mind. The blow to the head is a symptom of a deeper emotional turmoil. That is the key. By helping someone to take concrete steps to create clarity, then the pain of the concussion will disappear. Confidence and health is restored if the sufferer applies themselves wholeheartedly. Therefore the healing process goes far deeper than mere cognitive behavioural therapy or talk therapy. Let’s get to the root of the problem. Let’s affect the emotional parts of the brain and create changes in the person in order to heal both the psyche and the brain. The methods follow a trend in medicine that is just beginning to understand how psychological well being impacts physical well being. This is the way medicine must be practiced from now on.”

The Brain Injury Canada website has full details about the sessions at this year’s event. Interested parties can visit the website at:

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