Brain Health Doctor Creates New Video Series for Brain Injury Awareness Month

New video series containing tips to inspire hope and action from Harmoni Health Inc are coming soon and will be available to current and new clients in the coming days and weeks in June 2015.

Anyone who has a concussion and post concussion depression looking for tips to inspire hope and action can take advantage of a new video series from Harmoni Health Inc coming this month during Brain Injury Awareness Month (June). The company has created new videos for both new and existing clients. These videos will contain tips to inspire hope and action. Clients can visit the website at during the month of June 2015 to view these videos. They will instruct customers as well as give them hope.

Harmoni Health Inc is excited to unveil the latest videos for current and new clients during Brain Injury Awareness Month 2015. These videos are specifically designed to meet the needs of anyone who has a concussion, post concussion depression and those caring for loved ones with a traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Joanny Liu, Extraordinary Sports Medicine for Extraordinary Results, Doctor of Classical Chinese Sports Medicine and Psychology, Speaker and Author, described the tips to inspire proactive action on concussions in this way:

“Yes, there is a problem out there. A concussion, for instance can happen to anyone at anytime and any place. But according to many news stories the news is bad. While we need to be aware that head injuries can happen, there must also be a balance. We need to inform people that they can indeed recover from traumatic brain injury, including concussions. There are a few doctors out there helping people in unconventional ways. They are not administering the same advice that everyone else is giving. That’s important. They’re working hard to teach their clients what to do about their brain injury. So during Brain Injury Awareness Month I’m going to talk about some of the outside-of-the-box solutions that I’ve found. There is definitely hope for a full recovery. There is hope for preventing multiple concussions from occurring too. During the month of June, I’m going to give your readers some food for thought that needs to be considered. I’ve created some new videos for them to learn from and or be inspired by them. I’m going to release and announce them one at a time over the month of June 2015.”

Interested parties that would like to be one of the first to experience the tips to inspire hope and action at Harmoni Health Inc are encouraged to visit the website at this June during Brain Injury Awareness Month starting Thursday June 4 this week.

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