Bradenton Sarasota Thermography Screening Mammogram Alternative Service Launched

The Center of Integrated Medicine just launched their painless, zero-radiation Thermography screening procedure at two new locations in Florida, Bradenton and Sarasota. The procedure offers women a non-invasive method for the diagnosis of anomalies in breast tissue by monitoring blood flow to specific tissues.

The Centre of Integrated Medicine (CIM) announced the introduction of Thermography screening facilities at Bradenton and Sarasota in addition to its functional medicine center at Lakewood Ranch as part of its vision to offer safer, painless, and zero-radiation screening in Florida. The new Thermographic breast tissue screening process is designed to aid in the early detection of anomalies and offers a non-invasive procedure to monitor breast health.

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Thermographic screening is recognized as a painless alternative to other forms of screening and as a preliminary test to detect anomalies in temperature, and consequently, blood flow to a specific region of the body. Using high-resolution digital thermal imaging cameras, thermographers can identify and interpret scans to differentiate between benign and potentially malignant growths based on a ‘heat map’ caused by increased blood flow to parts of the breast, abdomen, and other areas. CIM also offers treatments designed to improve and eliminate allergies and repair chronic health problems. Thermography gives patients the advantage of early detection and a head start on their disease without the discomfort of a mammogram. While mammograms study structural changes in breast tissue that can take years to develop, Thermography fills the current gap in early detection techniques while minimizing patient discomfort,”stated Dr. Michele Louiselle, doctor and board-certified Thermographer at CIM.

The screening facilities in Bradenton and Sarasota will use state-of-the-art FLIR PT-series Max 307 thermal imaging cameras for inflammation detection through Thermography. CIM also reports that all screenings will be sensitive to a patient’s privacy and imaging films accompanied by a certified doctor’s report. Thermography scans with high-resolution cameras used at the center are able to detect anomalies of a few hundred cells, offering vastly improved detection as compared to a mammogram that requires changes in terms of millions of cells to yield any result. This early detection helps patients choose the right course of treatment that can restore health and well-being.

The Center of Integrated Medicine is a diagnostic and therapy clinic in Florida that combines traditional allopathic and alternative medical practices to create a holistic integrated treatment system. With its headquarters in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, the centre offers patient-friendly services such as acupuncture and inflammation detection through Thermography.

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