Bradenton FL Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy For Menopause Symptoms Launch

Natural Healing Arts Medical (941-761-4994), based in Bradenton, FL, has announced the launch of a natural hormone replacement therapy to relieve the negative symptoms associated with menopause.

The new therapy utilizes a bio-identical form of hormone therapy to help women in all stages of menopause regain the hormone balance that they enjoyed pre-menopause. The hormone replacement can also provide relief for a variety of other conditions that can plague both men and women.

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With the latest announcement, women now have a natural alternative to treat their menopausal symptoms such as low energy, decreased libido, and sleeplessness.

Women who suffer from these and other menopausal symptoms often experience a myriad of side effects when consuming a traditional hormone replacement therapy. Too often, these side effects can become serious. In the past, women have been left with few alternatives – other than suffering from the side effects of drugs or suffering from menopause symptoms.

Natural Healing Arts Medical aims to offer women a safe, natural, drug-free alternative to ameliorate their physical and emotional symptoms that accompany menopause. BioTE has been proven to relieve menopausal symptoms by helping women to reclaim their hormonal balance.

The therapy consists of inserting a small organic pellet into the fleshy area of the hip. The small incision does not require stitches and patients are able to continue with their normal activities of daily living after the procedure. The pellet is made from the naturally derived hormones that are found in wild yams and soy.

The highly trained professional staff at Natural Healing Arts Medical has over twenty-two years of experience serving Bradenton and the surrounding area. In addition to effectively treating menopausal symptoms, the natural hormone replacement therapy can also be utilized to address many common conditions that affect men.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “Chemical hormone replacement therapy can have serious side effects. Natural hormone replacement therapy has no side effects and can improve many aspects of life such as libido, energy, and can help you sleep like a baby at night. It can prevent Alzheimer’s, dementia, and breast, urine, and ovarian cancer in women. It can even prevent prostate cancer and heart disease in men.”

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