Bradenton FL Chiropractic Treatment Car Accident Non Invasive Therapy Launched

Bradenton, FL-based Natural Healing Arts Medical launches its auto-injury chiropractic treatment, which helps car accident victims recover without using invasive procedures or medication.

Natural Healing Arts Medical, a chiropractic clinic based in Bradenton, FL, announces the launch of its auto-injury treatment. This new service aims to help victims of car accidents get long-term relief from chronic pain caused by their injuries.

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The auto-injury chiropractic treatment is being offered as an alternative for people who have tried traditional treatment modalities but have not seen positive results. Dr. David Zamikoff, the clinic’s principal, says that most lingering pain emanates from injuries of the spine and neck, which chiropractors specialize in.

Statistics show that there are over 12 million motor vehicle accidents a year in America alone. Of this number, about one-third of all claimants seek treatment from a chiropractor to improve their condition.

Chiropractic treatment is especially effective against whiplash, in which the neck is injured because of the sudden head movement, as with a car collision. Doctors of chiropractic use spinal manipulation to identify misaligned neck joints and return them to their proper position.

In instances where a herniated disc is also involved, chiropractors use the flexion-distraction technique to gently realign the disc. Since muscles often tighten around an injured area, the chiropractor will also use gentle stretches to relax and soothe the affected area.

Dr. Zamikoff says that chiropractic care is especially beneficial to auto-injury patients because it gets to the root of the pain, hence leading to better outcomes. Moreover, treatment is 100% natural and does not involve invasive procedures or medications.

Natural Healing Arts Medical is a leading chiropractic clinic that serves Florida’s Manatee County, and has been featured on Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, and TIME Magazine. Its auto-injury chiropractic treatment is part of its ongoing effort to bring affordable care to more patients.

Dr. Zamikoff says: “The only thing more traumatizing than being involved in an accident is the reality of living with the injuries afterward. Chiropractic care is a proven treatment that has helped countless auto-injury patients recover and lead full lives.”

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